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Signal Boost! Kickstarter Round Up.

March 27th, 2015 by Legendgerry Comments

Legendgerry gives us a quick round up of what’s good on Kickstarter!



Tough Girls Are Back!

Not that long ago there was a project called The Toughest Girls of the Galaxy, where the team behind turned a lot of miniature gamings male dominated tropes on their head and produced high quality, all female fantasy & sci-fi miniature armies. Now the France based outfit are back with The Toughest Girls of the Galaxy 2: Light and Darkness which has 6 new armies: Sisters, Dark Elves, Lust Elves, in both fantasy and sci-fi! The projects already funded, they have a history of reliability so if miniature gamings your thing your money could be spent on worse things.

Check it out:

Space Doggies!

Bulldog!s is a well respected tabletop roleplaying game that has oft been recommended to me as a replacement for the Traveller system based Strontium Dogs rpg among other things. Bulldogs! is a high action space opera tabletop role-playing game which will be using the Fate Core system if the Kickstarter is successful. You take the role of a Bulldog, a person so desperate they’ve signed on to deliver high-risk cargo to the most dangerous parts of the galaxy. Play as one of the alien species we’ve created for you, or build your own. Can you reach the end of your contract or will you be another casualty in the space-lanes? ( I wonder how many people will turn to Futurama for inspiration?)

If you don’t fancy creating your own story backers will also get access to pre-written adventure scenarios including a campaign, Heart of the Fury, written by rpg writing virtuoso,,  Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan [The Darkening of Mirkwood, The Laundry RPG, to name two of his more recent triumphs] which is worth the price admission alone.

Video is Not safe For Work due to lewd puppet,


This Is Cheating!

I recently picked up my old guitar again and started to relearn how to play, sore fingers, calloused finger tips and all the other annoyances that are the price of admission to becoming a guitar player soon made their inevitable appearance. Then this thing showed up in my social media feeds accompanied by a storm of swearing from just about every musician I know. I’m just aggrieved no one thought of it sooner, like when I was first learning guitar. Actually truth be told I’m annoyed I didn’t think of it myself.  I find the way the pledge levels are structured to be a bit misleading so read them all carefully before committing, if you are going to essentially buy a cheat code for guitar playing.

Just look at this bulls…..



And Finally!

Never get caught in public without a monocle again! No seriously apparently it’s a thing now…………..

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