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SPOILERIFIC REVIEW: Doctor Who S7E12 The Crimson Horror

May 7th, 2013 by Saxon Comments

So in this episode theres this old chick played by James Bond’s wife and her daughter who is her actual daughter in reality who is also blind and looks like a deadite off of The Evil Dead.  The 80’s one, not the new one.

Bond’s wife also has this freaky Jim Henson muppet thing duct taped to her chest and its all evil and stuff.  It makes her buy Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory and start filling it with people who they turn into gigantic porcelain dolls, and throw the people who dont turn into dolls into the river.

Her off of Emmerdale Farm and Waterloo Road has become a Doll, while him with the chin and bowtie has been well and truely Tango’d and chained up by the blind chick.  So it’s up to a potato man, a lizard woman and her lesbian lover to save the day!

 And people think Doctor Who is weird…

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