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Sponsored Post:  Legendary Movies Rebooted in 2021

August 18th, 2021 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

If you ask a person about their favorite activities, the chances are high that you come across ‘watching movies’ on the list. Cinematography takes a special place in people’s lives, so it is not surprising specialists who work in this industry try to get the best out of this passion. They come up with original scenarios in all possible genres, direct film adaptations of interesting or just popular books, and reboot legendary films that gathered armies of fans back in the days.

A famous proverb says that all is fair in love and war, and watching movies is a huge love of many people. They are ready to stay up late at night to find an outcome of the film’s plot, turn to professional essay help online to clear up their schedule, and even cancel meetings with friends if their movie preferences are too different. Filmmakers decided to surpass themselves last year and scheduled many movies that already managed to win people in the past. What films will get a second or even third life?

Mortal Kombat

People whose childhood took place in the early 90s watched this movie literally hundreds of times since its popularity was on equal par with a self-titled game series. Thus, filmmakers decided to repeat the success of the film released in 1995. While the modern generation may not experience the same thrill as millennials, the latter will watch it to compare with the original. The movie tells a story about citizens of Earth who can boast of unique abilities. They are marked with a special ‘dragon’ sign. However, people are not the only creatures in the universe, and there is the outside world behind the Earth where they arrange dreadful tournaments. If Earthers don’t win the battle, humankind will die.

Ghostbusters: Afterlife

This supernatural comedy movie, along with its famous soundtrack, has gathered a huge fan club worldwide. A new film will represent a sequel to previous parts that were released more than 30 years ago. You will see events that happen exactly 30 years after the second movie: a single mom takes her two kids and moves to a small place in Oklahoma. They will find out about their grandpa’s biggest secret and their bond with the true Ghostbusters. If nothing extraordinary happens again, you will get a chance to watch the film in RealD 3D in November this year.

Space Jam 2

This animated sports comedy is a continuation of a movie released 25 years ago. Even though filmmakers wanted to shoot a sequel right after the first part, they faced the refusal of the key star, Michael Jordan. They got back to the idea in 2014 when LeBron James agreed to become the main cast member. The film represents a combination of live acting, old-school 2D animation, and CGI effects. Animated characters look more detailed and vivid nowadays. The movie tells a story about a tough relationship of LeBron with his small son since the latter opts for video games only. AI-G Rhythm takes advantage of their conflict and lures into the virtual world. To escape, the basketball player has to make the team and win the crucial game in life. Restless characters of Looney Tunes will have to compete with modified NBA stars.

The Matrix 4

Back in the day, this movie revolutionized cinematography and became one of the most discussed films of all time. Its box office exceeded the initial budget more than seven times, and the main character, Keanu Reeves, became a true celeb with a huge army of fans. The continuation of the franchise was delayed for 18 years, so people entered different parties. While some are sure it will become a real failure, and filmmakers should better refuse the idea to reboot the legend, others cannot wait to watch it since they believe it will become a new beginning. There are many rumors around the movie, so it is still unclear whether it will be a restart or a continuation of previous parts. Nonetheless, it is obvious that actors haven’t become younger for these years, so it will be interesting to see what adventures their characters will face.

The King’s Man

When a franchise becomes popular and brings good money, it can be hard for filmmakers to resist the temptation to release another movie. Thus, you will see a prequel to the story of the Kingsman organization. It was scheduled for last year, but the last world events brought their adjustments. Nevertheless, this action franchise stands out from the rest thanks to its original plot. The upcoming movie will show you the First World War events, and it is interesting to see from what angle they will tell the story. If you watch a trailer for the film, you will see that the director has a specific and even weird view on history. However, maybe such an approach will only spice up the movie.

The Batman

How many variations of this film have you already watched? If you are a fan of comic books, the chances are high that the number was enough to anticipate a new release. Considering the tremendous success of ‘Joker,’ viewers hope that the director will also follow an interesting and nontrivial approach. Well, if you see a new version of the Batmobile and the new main cast members, you know that it is worth going to the cinema to enjoy the film on a big screen.

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