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SPOTLIGHT: Deadpool fan series

January 24th, 2013 by Christopher Williams Comments

Fan films are a genre that I admittedly don’t delve into too much, I may have seen one or two, but with so little time it’s just hard to keep up. Well I recently made the time or the new Deadpool webseries and I have to say, I more than enjoyed it.

The driving force behind the project is actor/writer/director Chris R. Notarile, who’s Blinky Productions, has delivered a spot on Deadpool in terms of tone and theme. If you were more than miffed about Ryan Reynold’s Deadpool portrayal in Wolverine X-Men: Origins than this is the series for you. Notarile has given us Deadpool in all his fourth wall-breaking, sarcastic-slinging, butt-kicking glory. The story is only two episodes deep so far, but it looks to be heading in a very promising direction as Deadpool finds himself in the employ of Typhoid Mary.

One very subtle thing that helped this show ring true was Deadpool’s eyes. The eyes of his mask expand and contract with the mood of the dialogue and I thought that in itself helped sell the cartoony character that is Deadpool. Everything about this show stayed true to form including the great additions of Domino, Sabretooth and Elektra (who I look forward to seeing more of). One cool note, the man providing the muscle of Deadpool is Damian ‘Dragon’ Vargas, one half of the Nerd Herders podcast (listen to this week’s show here) and husband to the other half, FTN contributor Foxy Foxxy. (Which, I assure you, had no bearing on the positivity I have towards the show.)

The plan is to release eight more episodes bi-monthly to round out a full season and hopefully secure funding for more. You can check out the series here.

If you’d like you can also help with some of the funding by clicking the link here.

So if you are a Deadpool fan or just want to see something cool, check out this series.

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