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Suicide Squad: It looks like Scott Eastwood isn’t who you think he is

July 10th, 2016 by Phil Robinson Comments

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The rumours have been flying around ever since Scott Eastwood was announced to be in Suicide Squad, but no name was given to his character. This of course lead to Internet speculation, with possible names such as Steve Trevor, Deathstroke or even Dick Grayson being thrown around. Well, it seems that we now know who he is, but we hope your hopes aren’t up too high.

German site Cinemaxx (don’t worry, it isn’t as dodgy a link as it sounds) has a lot of the cast listed off, including Eastwood. They have him down as Lt “GQ” Edwards, presumably getting that nickname from those chiseled good looks…

Sorry, we’re getting sidetracked. So it’s a character that doesn’t seem to match with anyone we know from the comics, but this could just be a smokescreen, hiding his true identity (we can still hold on to some hope, right?!)

Another reveal from the site has Ike Barinholtz listed as Captain Griggs. Now there is a Wonder Woman supporting character called Major Keith Griggs in the books, but this is probably a coincidence.

So, no Deathstroke, but as we said this could just all be smoke and mirrors. Or the website has false information. We’ll find out in just less than a month.

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