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Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Teenage Years

July 29th, 2014 by Andrew McCarroll Comments

If Bloody Disgusting sources are to be believed, a new Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie is currently in the works. This will not be related to the god awful Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D or the slightly less awful 2003 remake or the 2006 reboot which I cannot remember a thing about. But will be a sequel to the original film, but not a remake of the original sequel. No work on whether or not audiences will be given timeline charts as they enter the cinema.

The film is rumoured to focus on Leatherface’s teenage years. Because if there is one thing audiences want to see its horror icons before they became what they are famous for, as proved by Rob Zombie’s spectacular Halloween remake. Maybe the filmmakers will just go full on crazy mode and have Leatherface in college were we could have a possible 21 Jump St cross over. More than likely they will stick to the existing model of making a poor version of the original film every 3 years and then rebooting until eventually they make a decent one.

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