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The Benefits Of A TV Guide When You’re Ready To Settle For The Night

May 29th, 2019 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

All over the world, watching television still remains as a favorite pastime, especially for children. Aside from providing entertainment, watching television can lessen your stress from work or any other problems depending on what program you are viewing.

It also helps many people gain more knowledge and keep themselves updated about what’s happening in other parts of the world with the help of news channels. You can enjoy watching a variety of genres such as romance, drama, comedy, and fantasy, as well as late night talk shows, which are good to watch when you are settling for the night.

However, there are also disadvantages to watching television. Depending on the channel you’re viewing, you may come across content that has excessive vulgarity or foul language, nudity, and violence, that may have a horrible result on younger viewers like children or teens, as these shows can give them the wrong impression about socially acceptable behaviors or speech.

In addition, excessive watching can also cause serious health problems as the practice of being a “couch potato” promotes a sedentary lifestyle. Relationships may also be strained due to excessive television watching, and obligations can be neglected, especially if an individual has developed an addiction to watching television.

How can one avoid these circumstances? This article tackles the benefits of having a TV guide in your home, especially when you’re ready to settle for the night.

What is a TV Guide?

A TV guide, also called a TV listing or program guide, is a printed or electronic timetable that helps subscribers schedule their time for their favorite channels, movies, news, and so on. TV guides serve as guidelines where you can see current and upcoming broadcasts. It also contains a list of channels such as channels for kids, teenagers, adults, and seniors. Moreover, it provides a list of various genres such as documentaries, movie flicks, reality shows, environmental programs, cartoons, news, and many more. OnTVTonightis one example of a reliable TV guide.

Below is a list of the benefits of having a TV guide:

1. Offers different types of programs

When you’re already tired and stressed after a whole day full of activity, a TV guide can be reliable in providing a list of all video sources, including your favorite channels. You can view the celebrity watchlist videos of famous stars, and it also has a daily sports listing, the latest breaking news, original editorial content, special sections, and photo galleries. With a TV guide, you can choose which programs to watch that can help you relax and even lull you to sleep.

2. Become updated with your favorite programs

By having a TV guide, you will never miss the updates behind your favorite programs, making you feel that you are part of the show from the first to the final scene. It also provides subscribers with the information of what programs are trending, as well as upcoming episodes, so you can better schedule your viewing hours and easily find TV listings.

3. Helps manage your time

Having a TV guide can help you manage your time since you’ll only be focused on the shows you’re interested in. It is similar to having VIP access to new and upcoming shows since it provides listings of future programs. It also allows you to browse through channels and handpick the shows you want to watch before settling for bed. Most TV viewers have better sleep than those holding their mobile phones at nightsince the light that emits from the TV screen is farther than that of a mobile phone. This helps you monitor your sleeping habits and avoid even getting more stressed the next day.

4. Easy access to your favorite channels

Major television providers use TV guides to easily access program channels through local, cable, and satellite. You can also request what channel you love to watch, which can comprise of clear and high-definition channels wherein subscribers can avail of a wealth of original content.

5. Has warning for viewer discretion

A TV guide offers hints to the viewers in advance if the movie should require parental guidance in order to avoid children from watching content that’s unsuitable for their age. Unlike mobile phones where kids can just watch anything they could at the palm of their hands, a TV guide is more concise and has more information about the available programs. This way, you can better manage your family TV time, and your child won’t watch anything that would disturb them before they go to sleep.


A TV guide keeps you up-to-date with your favorite programs, as well as offers interesting articles inside it. Aside from letting you schedule your viewing hours, a TV guide can let you read trivia about the shows you’re watching, which can provide some measure of stress relief, especially if you’re about to settle for the night.

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