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The Popularity of Game Slots in Today’s Generation

February 6th, 2020 by Marc Comments

The game of slots is once again gaining popularity in today’s generation after a seeming slump at the turn of the millennium. Slots games seem to follow this pattern since its invention in 1895. From the GI Generation to the most recent Generation Z, the slot machines followed a consistent cycle of slump and an increase in popularity. Despite this pattern, one thing can be clearly discerned: slot games have stood the test of time. With the advent of Generation Z, we examine the popularity of slot games in this generation.

 There is a Surge in Mobile Gaming in Today’s Generation

Gone are the days of solitary gaming wherein young adults would play in their GameBoy Advance, Nintendo DS or PSP. Since the invention of mobile phones, particularly smartphones, the younger generation has since moved from solitary offline games to more colorful and graphically stunning online games. Nowadays, you can see many young mobile phone users download apps and games or access the internet through their smartphones. Thus, aside from being communication devices, smartphones have become a source of entertainment, gaming and information for the modern generation.

Online casino owners and game developers have also made the same observation and are doing their best to adapt to this emerging trend. Thus, it’s no wonder why we see a growing resurgence of popular games from yesteryears such as online slots and online bingo. These games are still popular with older generations, from Generation X down. These are also gaining popularity among modern generation players due to their availability in PC and mobile platforms, which are the most commonly-used devices by younger generations. Developers have added stunning graphics, appealing themes and fast gameplay to adapt to gaming preferences of younger players.

New Generation Players Prefer Interactive Gaming

Players of the modern generation have long been exposed to online games. In this environment, they are able to interact and cooperate with other players and expand their social connections through the internet. It would come as no surprise if they look for online casino games with the same interactive atmosphere as their online games. They prefer to play games that have challenges while also having interactive choices for game progression.

Other types of gaming that appeal to a new generation of gamers are cooperative and competitive gaming. Players of the modern generation love to play massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs) or games where they are pitted against other players. Online casinos have adapted this type of gameplay in poker games and are working on making the same innovations for slots and other table games.

New Generation Players Prefer Secure Games

Young players have been exposed to news of many online threats and fraudulent activities. We can definitely relate to their apprehension when it comes to transactions involving money, even in online gaming. They may be worried about how the games are designed and the amount of control certain people and establishments have on the game. With advances in cybersecurity, these fears and apprehensions have been allayed somehow. The use of an algorithm called a random number generator (RNG) can help ensure that online casinos can never hack the gaming system to rig the game. What you see in the game are simulated random numbers generated with each slot spin.

The popularity of slot games can be currently described as dynamic at best. While some may see a growing number of players due to the continued and increasing patronage of older generation players, others can see a stagnating or decreasing trend due to the seemingly disconnected gaming habit of new-generation players to online casino games. Nevertheless, the online casino industry is always evolving and thriving across many generations. In due time, the new generation will also begin to experience a boom in the online betting scene.

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