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Tips on How to Write an Essay About Favorite Game

January 18th, 2022 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

Playing games is a healthy habit. It instils in you the ability to focus and concentrate. There are plenty of games for children which enhance their mental and physical capabilities. Children are often asked to write an essay about their favourite game. Here are some tips to help you write an exceptional essay!

Explore Various Essay Formats

Students can choose from a variety of essay formats. Check out which essay format suits your needs. Sometimes, students are short on time and require professional help. If you are looking for someone who could write an essay for you, then look out for reliable essay writing companies. You can also purchase pre written essays online, which will save you plenty of time, and you will get a customized article immediately.

If you are asked to write an essay in a story-telling way, then a narrative essay format is best for you. Narrative essays allow you to be creative and personal, showcasing your experiences. Here are a few essay formats to choose from:

  • Argumentative – It builds an evidence-based opinion and argument. Argumentative essays present viewpoints. It uses factual evidence and logic to convince the reader about a certain point. For instance, if cricket is the game you love, and you are asked to write my favourite game essay, then you can present facts such as cricket helps to instil discipline and sportsmanship. It allows players to practice bowling, batting, and fielding skills.
  • Expository – The essays give information on any topic in detail. For instance, if your professor has asked you to write an essay explaining how the game of football changed the world, then you should select an expository essay format.
  • Narrative – It is quite likely that your professor asks you to write an essay on my favourite game; you can choose a narrative format and state opinions about why you consider football as the best game.
  • Descriptive – Sometimes, the professor asks you to provide details about why a particular game is so close to your heart. In that case, you need to give sensory details. The descriptive essay format will be perfect in such a scenario.

Look Out for Pre Written Essay Samples

Students hire essay writing services to do the job for them. Different reliable and authentic writing companies deliver exceptional essays on time. Before hiring any service, check out the sample essays available online. Go for essay companies that have a professional team of writers and editors and can write in your tone and style.

Writing services like are in high demand among students. You can find pre written essays online on any topic at Check out the quality of the essay, search for customer and client feedback. An essay service that has articles written on a wide array of topics is a reliable company. You should also ask the essay writing company if they can tweak the essay as per your requirement.

State Rules about Your Favourite Sport

Describe everything about your game. The rules of the game and what makes it unique. If you are asked which is your favourite game, then you must first write down the name of the sport. For instance, cricket is the sport you love. Describe what makes cricket different from other games. Pen down the rules of the game. Some of the rules in the game of cricket are as follows:

  • Cricket is played between two teams with eleven players in each team;
  • Each team plays at least one inning where they will take turns in batting and bowling;
  • The team that bats first has to put up a score for the other team to chase;
  • The bowling team will try to take wickets before the score is even.
  • There are other rules as well in the game. Interestingly describe the details. Since cricket comes in various formats, you can discuss the one that you like the best as you have to write about my favourite game essay in english.

Describe the Age When You Started Playing the Game

When writing a game essay in english, let the reader know at what age you started playing the game. It shows your deep love for the sport. You can add details like how you have progressed over the years. Explain the different skills you learned and the experience you have gained. If you are a batsman, let the reader know in which order you come to play the game. Are you an opener, all-rounder, or do you play in the middle order? If you are a bowler, describe your action. Are you a fast bowler or a spinner? Does your team rely on you to take a catch in the field? Are you good at hitting the wickets from the far end of the ground? All these attributes about you will disclose why you consider cricket as your favourite game. These little details will make your game essay more interesting.

Mention the Advantages of Playing the Game

Is it an exciting game? How do you feel when you play cricket? It could be your passion, and you love to play it even if the weather conditions are bad. Apart from uplifting your mood and spirits, list down all the reasons why you think cricket is a great sport for overall development. Here are some of the top reasons to play cricket.

  • Cricket improves emotional and physical health. The amount of physical exertion on the field increases stamina and promotes endurance. It allows you to make quick decisions and be emotionally strong;
  • Playing cricket makes you a better team player. You know how to work as a team and collaborate with different people to ensure your team wins;
  • It promotes self-discipline, competitiveness, focus and creates an overall sense of well-being;
  • The game of cricket makes you headstrong to take important decisions quickly. It boosts hand-eye concentration, improves adaptability, and develops overall fitness and stamina;

Apart from mentioning the benefits of playing your favourite game, you should also explain how it has developed you and changed your life for the better. You can write that playing cricket regularly has improved your stamina and fitness and you are now able to concentrate on your studies in a better way.

These are some of the tips on how to write an essay about your favourite game. Explore the essay formats before you begin writing. List down the reasons why you consider it the best sport. Write down what makes the game unique and why it is beneficial for you. Creatively state your personal preferences.

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