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Tips To Stay Ahead On Word Games

December 20th, 2019 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

Playing word games can be a whole lot of fun, until you find that your opponents are able to beat you, even though you know that your language skills can do much better. You’ll soon realize that basing your technique solely on your linguistic skills will always keep you one step behind. 

So, if you’re looking to stay ahead when it comes to word games, here are a few tips and tricks to help you win. 

Word game tips and tricks

When playing Scrabble, one of the classic games that never die, you’ll find that there are several ways to help you get the highest word scores and keep you ahead. If you’ve been looking for a way to help you unscramble words on your tiles, all you have to do is browse here and you’ll be able to find all the options available that will help you choose the right play. These tools will enable you to not only use as many tiles as possible, but to also use the ones that give you better scores, ensuring that you beat your opponents once and for all. 

When it comes to scrabble, another tip that many people seem to be unaware of is that using all your seven tiles simultaneously gives you 50 extra points! Always try to come up with a 7-letter word to see if it’s in the cards for you, or use a word finder to come up with the word for you. 

Another tip you need to start developing is using the triple-word score, even if you can only place a two-letter word. Doing this will help avoid giving your opponent the chance to use the opportunity to triple their score.

When you start to become a frequent player, you’ll pick up on tricks from other players that will help you know their strategies, and you can then try to block their opportunities, and use such tricks to your own advantage. For example, instead of adding a word perpendicularly onto the existing tiles on the board, you can add the word horizontally, in the row where all touching tiles form a word. That way, instead of just making one word, you can make two, three or even four and collect points for all of them together. It’s also a great trick to use a bonus tile when your opponent tries to block you from using it. 


For most word games, an excellent form of practice is familiarizing yourself with all the possible two-letter and three-letter words to help you form as many words as possible. When playing boggle, they’ll really come in handy and help add to your score a great deal, but instead of wondering whether it’s a word or not, try to memorize as many as possible by heart.

With other word games, it’s also worth looking into words that you can make with difficult high-letter scores such as X, Z, J and Q, so you can use them as well as try to place them on a bonus tile to get more points. While most people tend to think that a word starting with the letter Q is always followed by the U, you’ll find that there are Q-words that you can use such as qat, qis, qorma or qanat that can really save you when you find yourself without a U. 

When playing crossword puzzles, you’ll also realize that the more experience you have, the easier it becomes to find the words in question. Not only because you come across similar hints occasionally, but also because your trail of thought starts to adapt to how to solve crossword puzzles and the whole process becomes easier, especially when you grow your general knowledge.

Take risks

When you find yourself stuck and can’t seem to find anything to play, don’t be afraid to skip your turn and exchange your tiles. Whether you choose to swap one or all seven tiles, it’s ok to miss a turn and give yourself the chance to get a better variety of tiles if you switch them all out. This trick applies even if it means that you’ll be giving your opponents a chance to score in a round, where you scored nothing. 

While playing word games can be exciting, there’s a different kind of glory to them when you know that you have the skill to beat anyone who tries to play against you, while also knowing enough tips and tricks to know how to get ahead of them no matter how hard they try. The best thing is, you get to add so many words to your own dictionary, while having a lot of fun. 

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