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Top 5 Facts That Will Help You Fix Your Posture with CompTIA Security+ Certification to Tango with IT

June 11th, 2020 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

Top 5 Facts That Will Help You Fix Your Posture with CompTIA Security+ Certification to Tango with IT

Dazzling Change of Heart

Experiments have revealed an unfortunate truth: girls let go of their intrigue in IT before they even reach the 9th grade. This disheartening occurrence is the harbinger of more regrettable misery as these schoolgirls are unintentionally locking themselves out of all the magnificent benefits IT could have offered them. To counter this blemish, CompTIA acquired TechGirlz, a program which strives to foster and blossom an everlasting enthusiasm for technology by opening these girls’ eyes to all the marvels that IT holds. The curriculum that TechGirlz uses is engaging and interactive, with the workshops taking place away from the everyday, mundane, school-setting. What’s more is that these sessions are conducted by well-established IT professionals; the idea being that close interaction with those that are leaving their mark on the IT sector will make the girls want to aspire to be IT leaders themselves. To date, 15,000 girls have participated in these workshops; with 20 countries having already started teaching the TechGirlz curriculum. The result? 82% of all girls who have attended ended up changing their minds and are now considering a career in IT. Spirits are high, the outlook promising, and hope gleams through once again, all thanks to CompTIA.

Whirls & Twirls of Security+

CompTIA is the same non-profit association that issues globally recognized certifications to anyone who can topple their IT exams. Because modern businesses are becoming more and more dependent on technology for how they function, the software and hardware they use, and the information they possess, there arises the dire need to safeguard all these systems and data. For this reason, the CompTIA Security+ credential is becoming ever popular. To be worthy of receiving such a badge involves passing one CompTIA exam with code SY0-501, which is all to do with cybersecurity. The syllabus for SY0-501 runs through all the types of possible cyber-attacks, software, and hardware you can use to secure an organization’s assets, and how to use secure protocols and secure network architectures. It also goes over configuring access management, securing data, cryptography algorithms, configuring wireless security settings, using public key infrastructure, and so much more. It doesn’t matter whether you turn out to be a penetration tester, a security consultant, or a security engineer because you’ll find that the foundational concepts and practical skills covered in the Security+ test will be applicable to ANY cybersecurity job role. Though this assessment is aimed at entry-level candidates, CompTIA still recommends budding examinees having at least two years of experience working as an IT administrator who focused on security, as well as possessing the CompTIA Network+ credential. When it comes to the peculiarities of SY0-501 exam, it’ll consist of 90 performance-based and multiple choice questions that a candidate must solve in 1,5 hours. The fee that one has to pay to be eligible for this assessment equals $349. Once you get your Security+, it’ll be active for 3 years.

Shimmy & Shake with Top 5 Security+ Facts

All that info about the Security+ credential just scratches the surface. Let’s continue our rhythm to familiarity with some more interesting details, shall we?

  • There are other core security certifications out there like the GIAC Security Essentials (GSEC), EC-Council Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH), Isaca CISM (Certified Information Security Manager). But none of them put more emphasis on practical abilities that help solve security vulnerabilities more than the CompTIA Security+ certification. Because of this SY0-501 test happens to be the only baseline security assessment that contains performance-based questions (PBQs). Such questions assess learners on their ability to carry out a particular task or remedy problematic scenarios.
  • With the Security+ badge, there is room to expand. Say, you would like to venture further and wholly specialize in security aspects alone. To do that would require obtaining more advanced certs that instill more intricate skills. However, the great thing is that the CompTIA Security+ badge already laid that solid groundwork, helping you root the main facets when it comes to security; now all you’d be doing is building on those! This is why it is said that this CompTIA certification is the first badge cybersecurity specialists should earn.
  • The US Department of Defense (DoD) has cybersecurity as one of its main concerns. It lays out the experience, training, and certifications that cybersecurity personnel working for the DoD must hold. Recently, the DoD started putting much more emphasis on the practical aptitudes of their staff; and to comply with this, most employees choose the CompTIA Security+ credential because this has been formally approved by the DoD as meeting its requirements. CompTIA offers more advanced Cybersecurity certs like CASP+ and CySA+; which also have been endorsed by the DoD.
  • The Security+ badge also has the go from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). Why does that matter? Well, being ISO or ANSI accredited means that this Security+ certification has been through intensive evaluation to confirm it is of high quality and that the triumphant candidate can fulfill the needs of the industry. Even employers look for the ISO or ANSI seals; this tells them that the certification vendor is legitimate and knows how to truly appraise the capabilities of their test-takers.
  • The CompTIA Security+ badge is vendor-neutral! Meaning there are no restrictions: you’re not reaching mastery in cybersecurity to facilitate organizations that use products from just one particular vendor, but instead, you’re accumulating knowledge and expertise you can deploy for cybersecurity solutions regardless of the tech brands used by an enterprise. Insurance, engineering, aerospace, defense, technology-solution, and health-care companies have all worked with CompTIA to design the Security+ credential, each highlighting the sorts of issues that might need to be addressed in their niche; making it a widely applicable cert .


Grand Finale

The CompTIA Security+ truly is one cert that can change the whole completion of your IT game and create so many opportunities. And there are loads of resources online to help you sashay towards it. You can spend on bestselling-books on Amazon or videos on YouTube. The CompTIA CertMaster in itself is a spicy jackpot. If you want practice tests for SY0-501 then you have sites like ExamCollection, ExamSnap and Exam-Labs where you get these mocks for FREE! So why put this off? Use everything you can to overcome this CompTIA SY0-501 assessment and receive your career-defining Security+ credential.


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