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Transformers…. King Arthur…. yep, this is happening folks!

August 24th, 2016 by bash 1 Comment



Michael Bay is currently filming Transformers: The Last Knight and the last time we heard anything resembling a script rumour it involved the bizarre idea that we could see some sort of robot/King Arthur mash up.

Well, hold onto to your hats, because there may well be a truth to this is insane rumour.

New photos via the BBC (below and here) seem to show the crew filming with men in medieval garb riding horses whilst filming in Scotland. You can check out the link to these below.

The rumour mill started a while back via when they released a supposed synopsis of the movie which sees Optimus Prime return to Cybertron to find the planet dead, but to bring it back to life he needs a mysterious artifact that is located on Earth. That artifact is none other than the Sword Excalibur belonging to Merlin (who gained his magic long ago from a visiting Transformer), the sorcerer mentor to King Arthur.

So there you have it. Jeez, erm, what more can I say…. but jeez….


Source: BBC and Joblo

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