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TV PREDICTIONS: The Walking Dead mid-season finale predictions!

November 28th, 2013 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

Since the episode this coming Sunday is the mid-season finale, my fellow contributor Space Chief and I would like to bring you guys what WE THINK is going to happen! This by no means is written in stone, it’s just our opinion so feel free to jump into the discussion in the comments below!

Jake: At least one major player is going to die in the finale; I think that goes without being said. I don’t think it’s going to be a knee-jerk response by the Governor, though. Episode 7 left him standing in front of the prison, but before he pulls the trigger I think he’ll return to his group. Something is going to happen to Lily and we’ll see him go totally off the deep-end. In his nervous breakdown he’ll find the King chess piece that she made for him and it will signify his need to take out the opposing team’s King, Rick. I don’t think Governor will take the prison from Rick and company outright. It’s going to be uninhabitable after the battle forcing Rick’s group to hit the road once again.

As for deaths, I think the Governor’s time has come. This season was his moment for redemption for the evil deeds he’s committed in the past. He squandered them away to become a leader once again. There are many people who could pull the trigger, but I think in true TV-universe fashion, it will be Rick standing over him with his 6-shooter in hand. I also think Herschel’s time has come. As much as I absolutely love the character on the show, with the group hitting the road once again, it doesn’t make sense for him to continue on. He’s the health-care provider of the group, but once the Governor is out of the way, Lilly is a nurse who could take that role over adequately.

Space Chief: What do I think is going to happen on The Walking Dead? When reviewer and fellow FTN’r, Jake Tanner, asked me this question I didn’t quite know how to answer.

Being a huge fan of the comic, I can’t tell if it enhances the experience of watching the show or hinders it. I do think that being current with The Walking Dead comic book does give one a bit of an advantage at recognizing where the overall story is headed.

I have heard that at some point, I’m guessing towards the end of the second half of season 4, that the group will be back on the road, headed to Washington. The characters Abraham,  Eugene and Rosita have been cast leading me to believe that the second half of the season will be much like the comic story arc.

I had originally thought that the Governor would come back a little further down the road but I think his return fits perfectly with the time line of my prediction for how the rest of the season will go, where season 5 will take us and my hopes for the recently announced spin off series.

With the Governor’s return we now have the possibility of something very close to how the comic prison arc ended and the tank featured in the previews of the upcoming mid-season finale adds more evidence to that theory.

I also recall hearing in one of the scenes of this episode, the Governor telling his newly formed militia that they’ll want their people back, leading me to believe he will capture Hershel and Michonne to use as leverage.

Overall I think that by the end of the next episode The Governor will drive the tank over the fences. His people will rush in and he will order them to shoot. A fleeing Beth, carrying Judith will be shot while retreating. Upon seeing that the people they killed were people very much like themselves, someone will shoot The Governor and my vote is for his new girlfriend, Lily. The episode will end with Rick and crew fleeing the prison.

As for my early prediction for the rest of the season?

After the mid-season break I predict we will see what’s left of the main crew in individual episodes and episodes that flip through the different separated character’s solo adventures until they all meet up again at the ruins of Hershel’s farm. I am personally hoping we get the Rick and Carl on the road arc in which we see Carl really become a capable survivor by taking care of Rick when he gets the flu. In the comic this was quite a turning point for the character. Carl is forced to watch over an unconscious Rick, never knowing if he will die in the night and reanimate, possibly forcing him to shoot his own father.  At some point after Rick’s recovery they will find Michonne, make it to Hershel’s farm and in the final episode of the season, Abraham!  Yes, Sgt. Abraham Ford will pull up in his flatbed with Eugene and Rosita and we’ll get the lowdown on Washington! Who knows? It could happen, right? As I said earlier, I can only extrapolate so much and the writers certainly like to throw us longtime fans off the trail once in awhile. I for sure didn’t see Martinez going out the way he did. I also didn’t see them bringing in Lily, Meghan and Tara so I am really just guessing. No spoiler warnings needed, unless I’m right, then, my apologies.

I do have some final thoughts on the spinoff series that was recently announced.

I saw a headline that said the show would be a prequel but other than that I have no details. I personally hope that it deals with how the Safe Zone was established in Washington but again I haven’t a clue. I do have high hopes for the new series being that it is an AMC production, which seems to stand for quality these days, and its parent show, The Walking Dead, hasn’t let me down yet!

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