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TV REVIEWS: FTN Reviews Elseworlds Part 3!

December 12th, 2018 by Todd Black Comments


*ahem* So, I made it clear last night that for Elseworlds to truly matter, they needed to make this episode matter in the biggest way possible. And…they did it. Not without a big fault, but they did do it.

The biggest difference here was that they truly doubled down on things here. Finally. In this new reality, Deggan was Superman, and he was the hero that he always wanted to be. That was a great twist, and much better one than him simply turning Superman evil. Because he wasn’t Superman, he was just pretending.

Also, seeing how this new Earth played in terms of who was who and where everyone was was very entertaining. And it was proof that Deggan could indeed “think big”.

It was a very entertaining ride through the Multiverse, and I particularly enjoyed the two meetings with The Monitor here. For in his “star platform”, we got to see him at his purest, trying to save the world by encouraging the heroes to be more than what they could be as they were now. This is how The Monitor did things in the comics, so it was good to see that shade of him arise.

Of course, being the Supergirl episode meant bringing in a lot of the cast, and for the most part, they did good, including bringing in Brainiac-5 and Martian Manhunter for the final fight. But…the Alex storyline was very…on the nose. Especially since this WASN’T her Alex. Yet they were apparently the exact same minus Kara…which actually breaks the multiverse theory and all that, but I’ll let it slide for the most part.

Though not as physical as the Arrow episode, the fight scene between the Supermen was great stuff, especially since they couldn’t show them going blow-for-blow because of the fact that they were played by the same guy.

Also, having Superman (the correct one) be able to use the book at points was great stuff, and a nice tease to the career that he’s had on Earth-38. On that note, having Superman propose to Lois in this episode, reveal they’re having a child (Jonathan?), and having Lois being totally epic by coming to help fight evil-Superman was all great. There’s rumors that they might get their own show, and I’d support that…within reason.

Now, while the Crisis on Infinite Earth’s tease was legendary, including the return of Batwoman for a spell, the issue of the “balance” question from Monitor is a bit much to have gone unanswered. Sure, it could be something that’s picked up next year, but, it also could something like Oliver sacrificing himself for Barry and Kara. Which we all know won’t end the way it’s projected.

That being said, I did love the almost Batman-like confession of Oliver admitting that his darkness isn’t leaving, but Barry and Kara are different, and they deserve to live. Oliver season 1 wouldn’t have admitted that.

Elseworlds Part 3 finally delivered on what made the promise of this crossover great. We’ll have to wait a month or so for the shows to return, but I am excited for it. And I’m definitely excited for next years crossover. Yes Kara, Barry, it’s an annual thing!

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