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TV REVIEWS: FTN Reviews Legends Of Tomorrow Season 01 Episode 13: Leviathan

April 29th, 2016 by Todd Black Comments

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With four episodes left (including this episode) the time seemed right to truly take the fight to Savage once and for all. And though this was clearly a setup for the final three episodes, “Leviathan” combined some fun stories with great action, and some interesting twists along the way.

First up, just seeing the dystopian future of 2166 in full effect for more than an opening minute or two was great, as we see how truly depressing the world is, and we know how it’ll be soon if the Legends don’t come through. What was also interesting was that this “final battle” is set three days before Vandal Savage kills Rip’s family, truly adding another time limit to an already time sensitive matter.

Which lead to the first twist in the tale. Rip has apparently tried to save his family multiple times after his first botched attempt to kill Savage. Each time though leading to the death of his wife and son. Thus adding much credence to the “time wants to happen” motto that Rip keeps reminding us. On a side note, this little tidbit not only answers many of the fans questions about why Rip didn’t do certain things, but also adds yet another tragic piece to his story. He’s had to watch his family die over and over again, failing to save them each time.

Which of course brings us to the numerous attempts on Savage here. From the meeting (and kidnapping) of his daughter (sadly not named Scandal…), to Kendra realizing she can melt it into her mace and kill Savage, and of course the battle between Ray and the Leviathan, there was no lack of action in this episode. Even Professor Stein getting stabbed was unexpected, though predictably he was kept alive as we still have a few episodes left to go.


I think one of my favorite parts were the conversations between Snart and Cassandra (why not Scandal…). As he tried to connect with her not as one of the Legends, but as a guy who had a bad father. Using the footage of Savage from the earlier episode was brilliant, and it really did sell that she had been lied to by Savage all along.

Now yes, there were some bad things here. While the Carter reveal was nicely done (and if not spoiled really came out of nowhere, I accidentally had it spoiled), Kendra not killing Savage in hopes of “saving Carter” did feel a bit weak. If for no other reason than this was a reincarnation, and by rights, not the one she would meet again down the line.

Also, with Stein out of the picture, Jax was relegated to cheerleader for Ray’s fight with the Leviathan. I expect something more next episode, but it really stood out tonight.

In the end, “Leviathan” did a good job setting up the end of the season. Savage is captured, but his army is still out there, and you know he won’t stay locked up long. What’ll happen next? “Time will tell…”

4 out of 5 nerds

4 out of 5 nerds

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