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TV REVIEWS: FTN Reviews Supergirl Season 02 Episode 08: Medusa

November 29th, 2016 by Todd Black 1 Comment

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Ok, let’s get this out of the way. The CW technically lied by calling “Invasion” a “4 Part Crossover Event”. Because that implies that from Supergirl to Legends of Tomorrow, they’ll all be dealing with the Dominators. Instead…we got a one minute tease at the end of Supergirl about Invasion, and that’s it.

Now yes, there are legitimate reasons for why this is, and I’m ok with those reasons. BUT when you advertise over and over that it’s a 4-part event…then give us one minute of the crossover in the episode? Not cool.

As for “Medusa” itself, it was a decent episode with some powerful stuff laced in it. But it also had some of the usual Supergirl flaws. I’m glad we didn’t have to wait to find out what Medusa was, and oh what a reveal! It was bad enough that it could kill all aliens, but that it was made by Kara’s father? Crap. I really liked her scene with J’onn about what her parents legacy was, as any child would wonder that after learning such hard truths about her parents.

Which obviously brings us to the family Luthor. Who had a big role to play in it all. Seeing the numerous scenes with Lena and Lillian both added and subtracted from the events. Lena is a much better character than Lillian, but I’m still not sold on having the Luthors in the show at all. I’m glad that Lena was better than her mother morally and outsmarted her enough to both save the aliens and get her arrested. But what happens now with Cadmus?

And Hank Henshaw…how is he that fast AND powerful? Cyborg or not, he has to have limits. And that dome headset made him look more like Cyborg than the actual Cyborg Superman. And why are they insisting that he be called that? For one-liners sake? The only good thing about him was that he had some great action scenes. With him vs. J’onn being the highlight by far. Seeing the Green/White Martian hybrid was really cool, even if it wasn’t meant to last.


Which brings me to the plotholes of the episode. If the virus was meant to kill non-Kryptonian life, how did Cadmus get it to just kill non-humans? And…how did Kara’s mother, Eliza, fix J’onn so quickly? That seemed a little…easy.

I’m not going to touch on the love stories here because I really can’t stand them, sorry.

In the end, “Medusa” was a good midseason finale for Supergirl. But if you were hoping for a grand opening to the “Invasion” arc? You were out of luck.

3.5 nerds

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