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WATCH: FTN’s Nosgoth Interview at E3 2014 plus E3 Wrap-Up: Day One

June 20th, 2014 by Crowbar Comments

Day One of E3 is always the easiest. The walking is never killer and everyone is just getting started with their appointments. This is also generally when people are in the best mood they can be during an events such as this.

I started my day off pretty well with Daedelic Entertainment and Nosgoth. Afterwards I had a chat with the folks at NISA that had a grand total of four games to show. I then got the pants scared off me when playing the new Alien: Isolation game from SEGA. Finally, I finished off the day with Obisidan Entertainment and their two games.

Daedelic Entertainment had a lot to show. The one I was the most interested in was The Devil’s Men. Featuring two female protagonists, this steampunk crime mystery game has a lot to offer and is by far one of their biggest undertakings in the adventure genre. The game will have a largely branching story arc as the two main characters throw each other under the bus and make things either difficult or easier for one another.

Then I got to see Silence: The Whispered World II which was beautifully illustrated and it deserved so much more attention. The game is aiming to be something new players and pick up and get right into the story without having played the first game. Silence has an all new interface and it strays away from the typical point-and-click adventure game. Daedelic also announced Blackguards 2, a sequel to their strategy RPG hit featuring new and old characters. Unfortunately I was unable to stay for that presentation.

Nosgoth was next and I had the chance to play the game as well as talk with a member of the development team. You can view that video on FTN’s Youtube when it is up. Nosgoth is a successor to Legacy of Kain and it shows. The game plays like a standard action game and it is Vampires vs Humans. The Humans are ranged and the Vampires are melee. You would think this makes the game incredibly unbalanced but the two playstyles of the races are juxtaposed in a way that makes the game fun to play. The game is currently in Early Access and you can purchase a founder’s pack to get into the game’s closed alpha on Steam.

NIS America has been bringing games to the US for years. Many of them are fun to play, some of them are incredibly odd. NIS America’s lineup this year consists of a whopping four games. Natural Doctrine, Danganronpa 2, Disgaea 4 for the Vita, and Fairy Fencer F. All of them are going to Playstation systems but the one I was most excited for was Natural Doctrine. The game is strategy driven and involves lots of guns and blood, something that this publisher is not known for. While much of the game is still shrouded in mystery expect a brand new experience and a brand new IP for Playstation 3 and 4 owners.

Disgaea 4 for the Vita is getting the same treatment as Disgaea 3 did for the Vita and this will certainly be the version to get. Danganronpa Trigger Happy Havoc gained massive praise from reviewers and players alike. The second game is bigger and better with some gameplay changes that will make the game for accessible while retaining the hardcore puzzle solving gameplay as before.

SEGA had a lot to offer this year. People were excited for a new Alien game that did not involve shooting things in a hallway as well as a new Sonic game featuring a new design. I got a chance to play Alien Isolation on the Xbox One and I have to say I am looking forward to it. The game’s crafting system is very unique and it fits the flow of the game in a tasteful way without taking away the survival element of a large Xenomorph hunting you down. The visuals are great and the horror factor is in full force. While there are still some AI issues in the game due to the early build, Alien Isolation is going to be the best Alien game to date.

Obsidian Entertainment had two games to showcase at E3. Armored Warfare and Skyforge. Both games are in closed alpha now, but beta phase is approaching fast. Currently, when you sign up for the games, they will allow you into the testing phase as soon as it opens with minimal wait time. Armored Warfare is all about tanks. You will have a variety of tanks to shoot other tanks in and many of the types of vehicles will have specific roles to fill. The game is reliant on strategy and team communication to protect the back line but also push the objective for a victory.

Their second game is Skyforge, a norse pantheon MMORPG. Also a game in alpha right now the same has plenty to offer for players. Mainly with how vast and customizable the character classes can be.

There was plenty more to see but sadly, I can only cover so much. The games I saw on Day One were really good. Sure, they weren’t your typically big name AAA title games. But you need something to play inbetween those new releases right?

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