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WATCH: New The Walking Dead promo shows the Governor has the upper hand.

November 30th, 2013 by Edwin Torres Jr Comments


A new clip from midseason finale of The Walking Dead, just released by FX Turkia, pretty clearly shows the Governor with the upper hand in the mid-season finale. At least least initially.

Trailers have shown members of Rick’s group saying that they “could end this right now,” and fans left wondering why they wouldn’t if that were the case now have their answer: some of their group would be in the line of fire if anyone took a shot at the Governor.

As you can see the clip below, both Hershel and Michonne are taken hostage by The Governor. He claims that he’ll give the hostages up if Rick and company leave the prison peacefully. This is similar to the comics but it was Tyreese that was the hostage with the Govenor pretending to have Michonne as well.

This may prove to be a point where the show weaves back into the comic book storyline as we are set to meet some new characters soon. If you want to read some predictions from two FTN contibutors click here.

What do you think will happen?

In related news, FOX UK will bring forward the scheduling of The Walking Dead in 2014 so that it will be airing only 24 hours after airing in the US. When the second half of the show’s fourth season resumes in February 2014, the channel will air episodes on Monday nights.

The Walking Dead – 4×08 ” Too Far Gone” : Sneak… by Llegaronparaquedarse

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