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WATCH: Power Rangers Super Megaforce trailer highlights “Legend War”!

March 31st, 2014 by Todd Black Comments

If you’re a Power Rangers fan like me, you’re loving the new season: Super Megaforce. Why? Because it’s filled with connections to the long history of the series. Not the least of which is the fact that the new Rangers can more into the “Legendary” Rangers that came before.

Add to that, Rangers from past seasons are coming to guide the Rangers and help them in their time of need, and you’ve got a season full of epic nostalgia.

Hands down though, the thing that many of us are waiting for is the “Legend War”. Where EVERY Ranger, from EVERY, season, will unite (at least in costume, not all the actors returned), to fight off the armada threatening Earth!

A new trailer has come out, and features the first true look (outside of the brief glimpses in the theme song and first episode of Megaforce) of the “Legend War”. Including the first look at the Rangers coming back to fight the good fight. Including Tommy Oliver! He’s back!

So, are you excited for the “Legend War”? I know I am! And to celebrate, we’ll be reviewing Power Rangers Super Megaforce, and doing some epic features celebrating the 20 year history of Power Rangers. Including, the best Rangers, the best villains and more!

And it’ll all lead up to the Super Mega Feature!!! (yep, I went there!) Where I will count down every Power Rangers season, from worst to best!

Get your morphers ready!

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