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Will we be getting a CGI Ellen Ripley?

April 18th, 2017 by bash Comments

Could Sigourney Weaver be reintroduced into the Alien universe thanks to CGI de-aging?

According to Ridley Scott, he and his creative team are currently working on a number of movies that will eventually connect the dots to his original 1979 film.

When asked if we could see something like what was used to bring Princess Leia into Rogue One for example, the director said simply “you could do that“.

Work, meanwhile, is already underway on a sequel to the forthcoming Alien: Covenant. “Right now we’ve got a ten-page synopsis,” he said.  “John Logan’s doing it. And we know where we’re going with it.”

The interview came from Empire Magazine which has revealed a new image on its front cover (see below)

Also, a new set of promos that utilise the intimate images of a GoPro camera to participate in the daily happenings of the Covenant, have appeared online. Daniels (Katherine Waterston) and Oram (Billy Crudup) appear in the found footage clips.

Alien: Covenant is released on May 19.

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