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Winston Churchill’s grandson defends Transformers 5…. huh?!

September 27th, 2016 by bash Comments



Transformers and Michael Bay are forever linked with controversy it seems.

Whether it’s fan uproar over how the director handles a property that stretches back to the 1980s or the way Megan Fox was shunted from the third movie, Bay is forever in the headlines for reasons most other directors rarely have to deal with.

Well it seems all past issues are nothing to what has been brewing over these last few days.

As reported across mainstream media across the world, war veterans are supposedly up in arms over recent filming at the former home of former British Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill. A hero across the UK, Churchill is seen as one of the few leaders who stood up to Hitler during the Second World War… and now Michael Bay and his production team on Transformers: The Last Knight have been draping it massive Swastika-bearing flags, parking Nazi vehicles on the grounds of his former home and flooding the area with SS soldiers!!

While Bay himself has since come out and defended the movie saying critics “don’t know that Churchill in this movie is a big hero” his main defence has come from an unlikely place. That’s right, Churchill’s grandson Nicholas Soames has been having his say.

“It’s preposterous,” he said. “Why can’t they make a film at Blenheim 75 years after [the war ended]? It’s absurd. That’s all I have to say; it’s pathetic.”

I hardly think this is the last we’ll hear on the subject. Transformers: The Last Knight hits cinemas next June.

Source: The Guardian

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