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Zack Snyder reveals secrets from the new Man of Steel trailer

April 19th, 2013 by Edwin Torres Jr Comments

Well I must admit the latest trailer for Zack Snyder‘s Man of Steel blew me away. It was pretty epic seeing Superman in action and actually punching people.

This could finally be the Superman movie we’ve all been waiting for, and I couldn’t be more excited to see this movie.

Snyder recently spoke with Entertainment Weekly and revealed a few mysteries that were hidden in the trailer.

While we don’t see Lex Luthor, we do see one of his LexCorp buildings. There’s no word on how big of a part Lex will play in the film, but he does exist in this universe. There are rumours that he might be in the film as well.

Is that a big mothership spacecraft buried in the ice in the Arctic? Yes. This is revealed as being the Fortress of Solitude. No big crystal fortress this time around.

Snyder said: “Instead of building his own Fortress, Clark Kent steps into the existing home market — and emerges as Superman. The residents of Krypton are an advanced race, keep in mind. Their knowledge and exploration of the cosmos far surpasses our own, and when Jor-El launches his son to Earth, our planet isn’t unknown to them. It is a massive craft left behind by a previous group of Kryptonian pioneers.”

General Zod looking over Metropolis from inside his command ship, the Black Zero. In this movie the villain is dispatched aboard a prison ship instead of being sent to the phantom zone. Zod retrofits the prison ship and comes to attack Earth in it. That’s badass!

At the beginning of the trailer, we see Jor-El watching a war on Krypton. Then we see someone riding off into the distance aboard what looks like a large flying creature. That’s Jor-El, and the creature is his transportation.

When he needs to get somewhere in a hurry, Jor-El hops aboard this creature, which Deborah Snyder said was named ‘Herocka’.

“It has insect wings, but has kind of a rodent-ish face,” she says. “At first he was a little mean, but we made him look more sympathetic.”

Then they ask him about other DC superheroes being linked into this world:

“I really enjoy the character, and I really loved shooting this movie about him,” the director continued.

“And whatever happens as we go ahead, I’m not exhausted by Superman. I’m knocking on wood. I’m not going to try to say, ‘Yeah, we’re going to make another movie!’ because I don’t want to jinx anything.”

I can pretty much guarantee there will be another Superman movie. Justice League who knows?

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