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Amazing Spider-man 2 could have been pretty different…

July 16th, 2014 by Marc Comments

I liked Amazing Spider-man 2. Honestly, I did; it was a mess in parts, the pacing was off and it was far too long BUT there’s much to love…  

Now the guys at Badass Digest have had a look at the original script for the movie and have put together an interesting list of things that were almost different:

Shailene Woodley was in the script as Mary Jane – she had an abusive father who was, at one point, told by Spidey to leave her alone. She had just moved in and had a crush on Spidey and Peter, although she had no idea they are one and the same. Gwen bumps into her before leaving for London and Mary Jane asks her advice on men and Gwen tells her to “Date a nerd” (Good advice – ed), basically telling her to go for Peter.

Electro has a wheel-chair bound mum who he, well, Max Dillion, lives at home with. After his ‘death’ he sees her take a payoff from Oscorp and learns she can walk after all, it explains more about why he goes boogaloo so quickly.

J Jonah Jameson appeared with Joe ‘Robbie’ Robertson. Peter meets JJ at the Bugle and gets a tour of the place while JJ complains that the internet is killing the business. Spidey and Electro fight in the printing press.

Peter gives Harry his blood and the Goblin has a better origin, the suit was built for Norman to keep him alive rather than for military use. It was built when Richard Parker refused Norman the blood as a last-ditch attempt to keep him alive. Harry finds it at his dad’s private yacht.

Ravenwood’s Doctor Kafka is a woman here, as in the comics. And Electro broke himself out of Ravenwood and joins with Harry who is the Goblin at this point.

Rhino is hardly in the script at all – no battle with him at the start either.

At the end of the movie, after Peter quits being Spidey  for a while, his dad appears. Yes, Richard appears to tell him he’s proud of him and gives the “With great power comes great responsibility,” line to him. This replaces the tape of Gwen that kicks him into gear again in the actual movie.

Read the full details at the link here.

Quite a few changes in there… would it have made the movie better? Let us know @NerdFollowing or on Facebook


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