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Ant-Man Trailer To Be Released Soon?

December 24th, 2014 by Todd Black 2 Comments


Ant Man Concept Art

There are usually a few telltale signs that a movie trailer is set to be released soon. Obviously a studio can state when it will come (see: Age of Ultron…before it got spammed on the internet…), but the other is when the trailer gets classified. For the upcoming Marvel film Ant-Man, that has happened.

The trailer itself will be 1 minute 48 seconds, which proves it’s not a teaser trailer. It has also been noted that the trailer is rated PG, thus most likely proving Ant-Man to be either PG or PG-13 (bank on the latter).

The curious thing however is that it’s exactly clear what movie (or show in what could be the case for Marvel) the trailer will show up in. True, there’s Into The Woods, but would they really put it there? An option that may be interesting is to put it in the premiere of Agent Carter, to help boost ratings.

Regardless, whatever the timing may be, this will be one trailer to watch. Ant-Man comes to theaters on July 17.

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