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Are the X-Men comics the next casualty of the Marvel/Fox war?

September 17th, 2015 by Christopher Williams Comments


Why Marvel, why? Remember when Marvel cancelled the Fantastic Four comic and merchandise right before Fox released their abysmal new movie this past summer in an attempt to kill the brand? Well, it seems that Marvel isn’t done killing its heroes. The X-Men and all their cohorts may very well find themselves on the chopping block as well. It seems that Marvel is on the warpath against Fox still, and once again it’s the fans who will suffer.

Marvel has been putting a big push into its once D-list group, The Inhumans, giving them a shiny new coat of paint and an elevated status ahead of a movie release scheduled for 2019.

Why is this bad news for Marvel’s mutants? Well, The Inhumans’ extraterrestrial-based powers are triggered whenever an unsuspecting Inhuman comes into contact with a gas called Terrigen Mist. The only problem is that in a new X-book, Extraordinary X-Men, it’s discovered that not only with the Mist create a plague amongst the mutant population, it will also sterilize them as well.

Real subtle, Marvel.

So there you have it, folks; if you can’t get their movie rights back, kill them in comics.

Of course it all may be for not, as the X-Men are so wildly popular by now that Marvel could cancel every X-book and fans will still flock to theaters to see the movies. In fact, the only one this would hurt would be Marvel comic fans who enjoy their monthly fill of X-titles.

And of course, this could be us just jumping to a huge conclusion and speculating where this story will lead, but damn if they didn’t already kill off Fantastic Four comics, one of the most revered and oldest comics within the company, so a petty move like this isn’t that far beyond Marvel’s grasp.

Maybe they should worry more about Avengers 3, err I mean Captain America: Civil War, and less about what Fox is doing.

Source: Comics Alliance

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