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Batman V Superman… V Daredevil? Has Marvel thrown down a gauntlet to DC?

January 4th, 2016 by Irwin Fletcher Comments


Marvel has just unofficially declared war on its rival DC. According to recent reports, the second season of the popular MCU series will drop on Netflix on what was originally known as Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice day – March 25th.

According to via Squareeyed, independent sources have indicated that the show’s second run, which is set to introduce Punisher and Elektra into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, will attempt to rain on Dawn of Justice’s parade.

If you were shying away from showing your true fanboy allegiances before, there will be no hiding anymore! It’s either a Marvel binge, or a total nerdgasm at the formation of the Justice League and the most ambitious DC adaptation yet.

This isn’t the first instance of these “release date wars” between Marvel and DC though. After DC/WB had announced a release date for Batman v Superman of May 6, 2016, Marvel went ahead and announced the same date for Captain America: Civil War, with the first weekend of May traditionally being the debut of a Marvel-related movie for the last decade or so. It didn’t quite succeed in bumping Marvel from that particular place in the calendar however, as Warner Bros bumped Dawn of Justice up five weeks to March 25.

Now, in an act of revenge, Marvel has unleashed a Daredevil-sized bomb on its rivals. Will fans swamp to cinemas and pay £7 for a ticket when they know they can binge on another dark and violent offering from Hell’s Kitchen at home? We’ll have to wait and see!

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