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Behind-the-scenes look at Star Trek Beyond reveals main character’s big secret

January 19th, 2016 by Irwin Fletcher Comments


A new video from the set of Star Trek Beyond has been released, teasing fans as to what to expect from the third entry in the reborn franchise – as well as revealing a big secret about John Cho’s character, Mr Sulu.

Chris Pine, Karl Urban and Cho appeared in the set video for Entertainment Tonight, offering a tour of the Enterprise while discussing some of the changes we can expect in Star Trek Beyond, including more retro-styled uniforms.

Urban delves a bit into the mission that forms the centre of the narrative, explaining that the crew have been on it for two years. Because of this, they are homesick aboard an Enterprise ship that is far from pristine, write Squareeyed.

As for Sulu, the host points out a photo on the control platform that we haven’t seen before — Sulu has a daughter waiting at home, and as Cho teases, she has a big secret yet to be revealed. Very unexpected!

Star Trek Beyond arrives in theaters on July 22nd, 2016.

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