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Bye Bye Ecto 1?

August 31st, 2014 by Saxon 4 Comments

Facebook page Denver Ghostbusters are reporting that the legendary Ecto 1 is to be replaced with a newer vehicle should Ghostbusters 3 get the green light.  

In an interview with The Project host Dave Hughes, co-writer and star of the first two movies Dan Aykroyd hinted that the 1959 Cadillac Ambulance was to be swapped for a more up to date mode of transport.  “We’ll need a new vehicle for the third one, yeah.” he admitted.

As far as I, and I’m sure a lot of Ghostbusters fans are concerned, this is just wrong.  The Ecto 1 is just as big a character in the franchise as the four guys in grey, and should it be replaced expect a huge fan backlash.  While I’m all for the equipment being updated or tweaked (the roof rack is ripe for hosting a brand new modern array of ghost-detecting gadgetry) the main body of the car has to remain the same.  Gut it, replace the chassis, engine and interior, but you can’t deny the classic shape of the car is just as recognisable as the no-ghost logo itself.

So should we expect to see the GB’s driving around in something like this in the new movie?!  Talk about something strange in your neighbourhood…



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