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Chadwick Boseman talks Black Panther’s role in Captain America: Civil War

February 24th, 2016 by Irwin Fletcher Comments


Captain America: Civil War has plenty of things to get excited about, but one of the most intriguing points of the upcoming Marvel movie is the introduction of Black Panther. The Captain America threequel is packed with several Marvel characters picking the side of Team Cap and Team Iron Man but T’Challa plays a pivotal role.

However, what does Black Panther actually do in the movie? It’s been said previously that he is actually not part of either side, so what exactly is his mission? Speaking with Empire Magazine (via Squareeyed), actor Chadwick Boseman revealed the character’s involvement in the plot: “It’s my political mission to tame it and get it under control. T’Challa is a prince of Wakanda. All heroes have a weight on their shoulders, but there will eventually be a difference in what I have to carry politically and socially.”

Boseman also spoke about the fictional African kingdom of Wakanda and what his accent will sound like in Civil War: “The idea of Wakanda is sort of, what if Timbuktu hasn’t been conquered? I basically listened to people and picked what sounded cool, since it’s not a specific place. It’s in the southern, central part of Africa. The attitude, the musicality, as is my preference of the character. It has to fit his dignity.”

Director Anthony Russo shared some insight into how he and Joe Russo (his brother and co-director) created Black Panther specifically for the MCU: “He’s an emblem and a representative of his country in the way that Captain America is, but in a different way too. Cap is an everyman who became elevated because of his virtues and Panther is a prince. So it’s an interesting contrast.”

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