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D23 Here’s all the details of the Captain America: Civil War footage that was screened…

August 15th, 2015 by Marc Comments

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Well, we knew it would be showboated and we were right… D23 just revealed a lot of footage from Captain America: Civil War and it sounds like it was a packed few minutes…

Also on show, thanks to Marvel head honcho Kevin Feige, was concept art from Doctor Strange which, we’re told, featured weird and bizarre worlds and dimensions and, yes, Cumberbatch in the suit… let’s hope some of this appears online soon! Cumberbatch sent a video message in which he said he couldn’t wait to do the character and bring us something we’ve never seen before.

But what about the Civil War footage? Well, our friends at Mashable were there and had this to say:

“First we see Falcon, Cap and Black Widow taking on Crossbones and his goons in an open square. Falcon has an upgraded flight suit with new combat capabilities and the same surveillance tech he displayed in Ant-Man. 

“Crossbones [heads for] Cap, the guy he considers responsible for his badly burned body… Crossbones is subdued, [and tells Cap]: “You know, he remembered you. Your pal, your buddy, your Bucky.”

“[Next Thunderbolt Ross (William Hurt) voice over]: “The world owes you an unpayable debt. While a great many people see you as a heroes, there are some who prefer the word ‘vigilante.’ People are afraid.” [This is over a montage of the heroes in action].

“Sometimes I want to punch you in your perfect teeth,” we see Stark saying to Rogers[there’s REAL anger in his word].

“We also see Black Panther, played by Chadwick Bozeman, in full costume — though all we see is a split second, in which he extends his claws. And then, back to Bucky, who we saw at the end of Ant-Man, still in the captivity of Steve Rogers and the Falcon. He gives up some details that prove he remembers Rogers: “Your mother’s name is Sarah … and you used to stuff newspapers in your shoes.” 

“Also making appearances: The Vision, Scarlet Witch and, hilariously, Ant-Man. Paul Rudd’s Scott Lang is meeting Captain America for the first time at the end of the reel, and is in awe, doing the same fanboy routine that Agent Coulson did in Avengers. He trips on his words as he digests the news that he’s joining the team, presumably on Cap’s non-registration side: “Thinks for thankning of me! I mean, thanks for thinking of me.”

Now, once again, we’re hoping this footage appears online like the Suicide Squad footage from SDCC… we all want to see this, Disney, make it happen.

Captain America: Civil War opens May 6, 2016.

Source: Mashable

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