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Daniel Radcliffe Talks About Being Igor

October 21st, 2014 by Todd Black Comments

Daniel Radcliffe is set to portray a classic horror character in Igor in the upcoming Frankenstein movie. He’ll be joined by James McAvoy who will play Victor Frankenstein. The actor had many a thing to say to Empire about his role in the film.

“[It’s] very smart in terms of the ideas it’s discussing, [which is] a rare combination for a huge movie.” he said in regards to how the movie will be. He then went on to chat about what the role of Igor will be in the film.

“There is that physicality,” he stressed of Igor’s famous hunchback, “but the story this time around is told through his eyes. He’s granted more of a story than he has been before. It’s an equal partnership where one of them is trying to be dominant, [which is] what separates it from other Frankenstein movies.”

This truly separates it from other tales, where Victor is the main focus, here it appears to be more about Victor AND Igor, to which Radcliffe agreed.

“It’s about the nature of creation, in many ways,” elaborates Radcliffe. “Victor gives Igor new life at the beginning of the movie, so he can be viewed as my creator, and at what point do you step out of that shadow or continually pay homage to the person who gave his life back.”

The movie is set for a release on October 2, 2015.

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