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Danny Trejo’s Darkness Descends gets UK release

July 15th, 2014 by Christopher Williams Comments

Acting great Danny Trejo is joined by a stellar cast for the new action thriller Darkness Descends, starring alongside Danny are True Blood’s Darren Darnborough and NCIS; Los Angeles’ Kinga Philipps. Actor and producer Frank Krueger created this exciting film that also features multiple EMMY winner Kristoff St. John, Louis Mandylor (My Big Fat Greek Wedding), Peter Dobson (Party of Five) and WWE superstar John Hennigan.

Below the streets of New York is a dark and dangerous world hidden in the shadows of the abandoned subway tunnels and miles of forgotten infrastructure. When a young documentary filmmaker goes into these tunnels to uncover the unseen stories of the people living below our feet, she finds out that there is more to be afraid of than the dark.

A mysterious figure ANGEL (Danny Trejo – Sons of Anarchy, Machete, Machete Kills) living beyond the reach of the law, has declared a personal war on the outside world that threatens to tear apart the fragile underground society living in the tunnels and maybe even the city above.

Frank Krueger has graced our screens in many fan favourites including Days of Our Lives, Bold & the Beautiful, Young and the Restless, Ghost Whisperer, Chuck, Bones and Passions. Alongside acting he began producing in 2006 and wrote, as well as produced Darkness Descends. Darren Darnborough and Kinga Philipps also produce this mysterious film.

This exciting film is about to be released into the UK market and will be available on iTunes, as well as Asda, Sainsbury’s and HMV.

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