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Did we just learn how Reynolds and Jackman’s Deadpool and Wolverine will step in the MCU?

December 7th, 2022 by Marc Comments

We’ve wondered for a while how exactly Deadpool would be pulled into the MCU, let alone how he’d take Wolverine with him but it seems we have an idea how it’ll happen now and it’s really very clever.


If you’ve seen Loki, you’ll know who Ms Minutes is, the mascot of an organisation meant to police time and the multiverse and any events that aren’t supposed to happen. She’s a cartoon character who seems to be quite sentient in her own way in the series.

And she has Twitter. In our world.

And it all started when the Ms Minutes Twitter account greeted the Deadpool Twitter account:

Then, Ryan Reynolds, not the Deadpool account but the man who plays Deadpool (!?) replied:

Now, this could be innocent enough but honestly, nothing happens by chance and I think this is actually giving is a big clue on how Deadpool will join the MCU.

Now, the Loki fans will know that the TVA’s job it to mop up people and events in the Multiverse that shouldn’t be doing whatever it is they’re doing… we first meet them after Loki, in Avengers: Endgame, jumps out of the timeline after the events of the first Avengers movie, meaning all the events involving him, including his murder at the hands of Thanos, didn’t happen only, we know they did, therefore Loki has become an abnormality and must be dealt with.

This is where we meet the TVA who capture him at the beginning of the Loki series, just after the events of Avengers: Endgame.

And this makes sense given the few thing we have heard rumoured about Deadpool 3 so far, the top of the list being that Owen Wilson’s Mobius, left, who is an agent with the TVA in the Loki series, will appear in Deadpool 3 and will even have a significant role.

Now, if you cast your mind back to the end of Deadpool 2, you’ll recall that Reynolds’ Deadpool got his hands on Cable’s time-travel device and fixed it; he then used it to go back in time and change various things – he saved the love of his life, killed Deadpool (also played by Reynolds) from Wolverine, and even killed Ryan Reynolds himself before he could make the Green Lantern movie and we’re not sure how the Green Lantern thing will fit in but given that the X-Men universe that Deadpool exists in is part of the multiverse that also contains the MCU – we know this because of Patrick Stewart’s Professor X appearing in Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness – then that would all put Deadpool firmly on the TVA’s list of clean-ups.

It seems pretty clear to us here at FTN that this is how Deadpool, and the returning Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, will find themselves in the MCU.

I always figured that Cable – played by (also) Thanos actor Josh Brolin – giving Deadpool his time-traveling device would lead to Deadpool stumbling into the MCU but I hadn’t considered that the TVA would play a part in this.

I love this idea and the TVA – and the events of the last few Marvel projects which have opened the doors of the multiverse to other franchises – is a great way to bring Reynolds and Jackman into the MCU… and who knows who else will follow with several rumours bouncing around that some of the younger X-Men cast have been approached about stepping into the roles again in the MCU’s X-Men series and we’re also hearing that 2005’s Fantastic Four stars Ian Gruffudd and Jessica Alba as Reed Richards and Sue Storm may appear in the third Deadpool.

Now, wouldn’t all that be a thing? Yes, it would. Phase 5 is already looking better.

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