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Diesel says young Dom movie possible with the Toretto story a big part of the last two Fast & Furious movies

June 26th, 2021 by Marc Comments

This article contains some minor spoilers for Fast 9 – you’ve been warned.

So, if you’ve seen Fast 9, you’ll know that it really delves into the past of lead character Dominic Torretto (Vin Diesel) and it seems this is far from the last time we can expect this to happen.

Before this movie we knew a few things about Dom’s past… we knew his dad was a racer who died in a car crash in front of young Dom and we also know that Dom did time for beating the guy responsible with a wrench and we see all this in Fast 9.

But we learn there was a lot more to Dom that we didn’t know before.

Dom, the man who talks about how important family is constantly, had a brother, Jakob, played here by John Cena, who Dom disowned after events in this movie (which we won’t get into here), which opes up another whole chapter of this world… is Dom’s fascination with family because his was destroyed apart from Mia? Maybe.

In the movie we meet younger versions of Dom (Vinnie Bennett), Jakob(Finn Cole) and their dad, played by JD Pardo and the star now hints that we’re not done with these young incarnations or the younger family we’ve not met before now.

In flashback, the latest installment (which rolled out internationally on May 19 and reaches North American theaters June 25) also introduces viewers to young Dom (Vinnie Bennett), young Jakob (Finn Cole), and their father (JD Pardo).

However, while Dom’s ethnicity has never been confirmed in the movie, the casting of Cena as Jakob raise questions as, well, Cena is white… however, in the movie it’s discussed about how Dom’s bloodline is very mixed and Diesel points out this is set to be a big part of the franchise’s final two movies: “As you know, when you’re ethnically ambiguous and when you’re multicultural, that means anyone in the world could be your brother,” he says.

“I think you, as the audience, are going to learn more as the story continues — just about the specifics of the past, primarily with my father. I think there is an inevitable moment when you are going to meet my father’s mother.”

So, it seems there are going to be more big revelations over the coming two movies.

Could these events mean a standalone prequel with the new cast returning? “Nothing is off the table,” Diesel says.

In fact, we know that a Toretto movie was discussed long, long ago as long-time fans of the franchise will recall that Diesel left after the first movie, leaving Paul Walker and Tyrese Gibson to carry the second movie (2 Fast 2 Furious) with none of the original cast returning until the fourth movie (Fast & Furious) – aside from Diesel’s brief appearance at the end of three (Tokyo Drift).

However, when they wanted a fourth movie, Diesel was asked back for a planned solo movie, something he says he wasn’t on for: “The second I was a producer, I didn’t waste a second and called Paul [Walker] and said” “You’ve got to be in Fast Four.” Diesel recalls

“He said, “I walked away from the franchise.” I said, “I’m producing.” And he says, “I’m in.” I think the Toretto story line that they’ve wanted to do can always exist in the future. It’s not something that is completely off the table.”

So, whatever happens, even with only two more movies planned before the finale (“In terms of this mythology, I think we owe it to the fans — even though I suspect it’ll feel bittersweet to a lot of people — to give them the finale,” he says.), it’s unlikely this will be the end of Dominic Toretto’s story.

Source: Vulture

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