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DISCUSSION: Can Blade and Doctor Strange save The Defenders?

July 29th, 2019 by Geralt of Australia Comments

Lots of news came out of SDCC this year with Marvel blasting us out of the water with not one, not two, but 16 new and wonderful movies and shows to be released over the upcoming years (details here), so with all this news could there possibly be a link to save The Defenders and bring them into the fold?

One of the more surprising announcements for me this year was the return of Blade to the silver screen and this time without Wesley Snipes. The OG vamp killer has been recast with Muslim actor Mahershala Ali who some may remember as Cornell ‘Cottonmouth’ Stokes from Luke Cage – now this kinda makes sense, Wesley is getting on a bit in age now and with Luke Cage being canceled Mahershala needs a new job.

But what would happen if this Blade wasn’t Eric Brooks and was instead Cornell Stokes?

Now yes I know what you’re all thinking, he died in season 2 and he can’t come back… but can he?

In the Marvel universe, vampires are magically reanimated human corpses that are inhabited by the spirit of the deceased person and closely resemble a human; the fact that it is reanimated corpses tells me that the person has to be dead, which is exactly whats happened to Cornell.

Now again for those in the know Blade isn’t a vampire he’s a Dhampir, but the only way to create one of them is between the union of a human and a vampire, which they already took liberties with in the Blade trilogies in which his mother was pregnant with him when she was bitten and turned which created Blade. So because Blade is both half human and half vampire, could he pass on his version of humanity as a virus?

A Dhampir such as Blade is not immortal, in fact if you were to compare him to anyone it would be close to Deadpool (before Thanos turned him immortal for sleeping with Death) or Wolverine, with his regenerative abilities contributing to his long life span, so with that in mind it’s logical that he would need a successor for when he can’t do the job anymore, and so chose Cornell Stokes in hopes he could turn him into something better than he was.

Also with Wesley himself saying that they will some day work together (here), could this actually be true?

Now we have that out of the way, lets talk about what I’ve been trying to get onto which is The Defenders coming back.

Personally I loved Charlie Cox as Daredevil more than any of the movie characters that have been done so far and was so upset with the cancellation… so how do we save em?

Well this comes down to the master of the mystic arts, Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness.

With Elizabeth Olsen (Scarlett Witch) confirmed for the Strange sequel this gives us the first steps into the Avengers of the Supernatural, one of whom just happens to be Blade.

Now this all happens because of the Spineless Ones, an alien race who spend all their lives watching TV in a multidimensional and extra-temporal space called Mojoverse on planet Mojo World (referenced by Shatterstar in Deadpool 2), and their leader (Mojo) is in charge of coming up with new programming for the masses.

So, the Avengers of the Supernatural – who were chosen by Mojo for his new TV show Martian Transylvania Super Hero Mutant Monster Hunter High School (bit of a mouthful, I know) – are hypnotised into kidnapping others such as Sam Wilson’s Captain America.

Superior tech from their world is then used to transport them to the Mojo World through different dimensions, so not only does this allow a Cornell Stokes’ Blade, but we could also see Ghost Rider from Agents of SHIELD who’s a member.

This gives us access to the multiverse, including The Defenders, a new Blade, and could lend some credibility to the rumors of this being a TV series instead of a movie.

So what do you think will happen? This next phase has the chance to tie together every Marvel movie and TV show that has been done over the last decade, and isn’t that just marvelous?

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