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Does leaked Star Wars script reveal Rey’s true identity? PLUS other cool details

January 22nd, 2016 by Matt Gault Comments

movie-news-banner-copyrey the force awakens

With the well of insights into Star Wars: The Force Awakens seemingly not running dry any time soon, a leaked copy of the script is holding even more secrets, some we didn’t even see in the cinema.

Obviously this article contains some major spoilers for The Force Awakens. Not just that, but some of the details may pop up in another Star Wars film somewhere down the line. So read on at your own peril.

Does Leia know who Rey’s parents are?

The ongoing mystery of where Rey came from, and who her parents are is another mystery for another film. But does the script give it away?

Force Awakens script

A mother’s embrace could just hint at the intensity of the hug Rey gets from Leia… but what if it’s something more?

Kylo Ren fears the connection between Rey and Luke

In a conversation between Kylo Ren and Snoke, the following is noted:

Force Awakens script

Ren’s history with Luke gets mentioned throughout the film, but why would he think on the Jedi at the mention of Rey? Is it because he know that he could end up training her to become stronger, or that he knows some deeper connection between them, unaware to Rey herself?

Did Kylo Ren turn to the Dark Side as a boy?

Upon their first on screen meeting, Han Solo had this reaction to seeing his son’s face:

Force Awakens script

Meaning the last time the pair saw each other – presumably before Kylo turned to The Dark Side, when he began his training with Luke – Han’s son was still a child. It would make sense in the tradition of training Jedis, but it now makes that scene all the more heartbreaking.

Unkar Plutt and Rey

From the novelisation we know that Simon Pegg’s junker character Unkar Plutt was to turn up again later in the film, this confirms that he is the creature that Rey is left with when her parents leave her on Jakku:

force awakens script

Harrison Ford improvised his heartbreaking farewell

In the script, Han Solo’s death at the hands of his son Kylo Ren went like this:

force awakens script

In the final cut of the film, Solo reaches out his hand and lovingly touches Kylo’s face. Though the action may have been added to a later draft, it’s touching to think that Ford came up with it as a tender character moment.

Kylo’s flaming lightsaber

With his traditional Sith red lightsaber, Kylo filled the bill as one from the Dark Side of The Force. Originally though, it had a slightly different design:

force awakens script

With the addition of a yellow blaze to the saber, it makes it sound like the original design looked more like a flaming blade than how it ended up. A little touch, but an interesting one.

Source: Squareeyed

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