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Duncan Jones wants to make a Warcraft trilogy

July 27th, 2015 by Irwin Fletcher Comments


Although I know many don’t play World of Warcraft, it’s hard to find anyone who hasn’t at least heard of it. The World of Warcraft Universe is one of the largest in the gaming world. It has become one of the most successful online games ever and the players of World of Warcraft are plentiful and passionate about their beloved game.

In June next year, a new member of this universe is set to appear, however this one is set for the movie screens and not the computer screens.

Warcraft is the new film from director Duncan Jones. Jones has done very little in his film career, with only Moon and Source Code to his name but they are two very impressive outings, indeed.

However, Den of Geek has said that Jones has confirmed he was thinking of creating a trilogy.

Jones explained how he “worked very closely with Chris Metzen [Blizzard’s senior vice president of storytelling and franchise development].” He explains how the two of them planned what would happen in the first film and, if they did get to do a trilogy, what ideas would be in number two and three.

He also talked about how he got involved in the potential franchise: “My big pitch to Blizzard when I became involved with this was that I want to make a war movie and I want to tell it from both sides. I want heroes on both sides, and I want [the audience] to empathise with both sides… I think there will be divided loyalties, and I think individuals will be divided about who they feel they should be rooting for.”

Both sides good and both sides bad is always a unique an interesting way of telling war in films. Game of Thrones has been portraying such a thing for five seasons. Like Jorah Mormont valiantly said in season four: “It’s tempting to see your enemies as evil, but there is good and bad on both sides of every war ever fought”.

However, what Game of Thrones has that Warcraft won’t, is time. It’s possible to make a bad guy liked, or a good guy hated in films, its happened many times before. We all love Gru and we all have an irrational hatred for Jar Jar Binx, although that might be a different form of hate. To do that with loads of different characters, on different sides, in different situations and during a war of all things is a very tall order. One I don’t think Peter Jackson would want to try. So frankly I have no idea what Warcraft will be like if Jones plans to do what he said, especially the fact this is his 3rd real film.

If he makes one mistake or the film has one Warcraft error it’s guaranteed that the entire fanbase will all want to set a raid on him. Good luck to him I’d say…

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