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Dwayne Hicks Confirmed for Alien 5?

March 2nd, 2015 by Todd Black Comments


Alien 5

The next movie in the Alien franchise has been getting a lot of buzz going. Mainly over whether it will or will not retcon the story of Aliens 3 and Alien Resurrection.

Now, there is “news” of casting that seems to be stoking the fires of this debate.

Michael Biehn, who plays Dwayne Hicks in the Alien franchise, was asked if he was coming back for Aliens 5 was attending Pensacon last weekend and asked about Alien 5 and his possible inclusion… and he seems up for it  and already in the know.

According to attendee  Sskywarpe on Reddit, he asked Biehn if he’d been contacted about the new film, to which the actor replied “Yes”.

He later asked him: “Alien 5, you gonna do it!?”

Biehn apparently looked very encouraging and replied “Looks like it,” with a smile.

Now, it’s important to note that Biehn could just think he’s coming back, there has been no confirmation as of yet. However, with his confirmation AND the art for the film indicating he’ll be back…it’s almost hard to not believe, right?

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