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Family Game and Movie Picks of the Season

January 13th, 2014 by Marc Comments

Holiday family time is transitioning from board games at the table to multi-player video games like Wii U and Xbox One. These games make it simple for newbies to jump in and have fun, creating a great group experience. Of course, if you’re up for heading outside as a family then consider a trip to the local multiplex, as there are plenty of good films awaiting your attention. Regardless of what you decide, it’s easier than ever to find something the whole family can enjoy.

Let’s take a look at some great family options this season. After all, they say that the family that plays together, stays together.

  • “Thor: The Dark World” — This sequel is all about family. Well, not completely. But Thor, a favorite Avenger and Asgard noble, does reach out to his estranged brother Loki to help him save multiple worlds from bad things, and also takes his girlfriend home for the first time to meet the parents. These movies appeal to everyone, including those who like handsome heroes smashing stuff, epic battles, and scary suspense.

  • Battlefield 4 — We’d say that the fourth time is the charm for this military first-person shooter. But the other three titles in this series from Origin aren’t too shabby either. Battlefield 4 offers a larger scope for your military campaigns. Players can play solo (with maybe a backseat driver or two offering advice), or join with up to five other teammates for an immersive multiplayer campaign. Along with plenty of enemy soldiers to mow down or avoid, there are many vehicles to interact with, including helicopters, tanks and amphibious landing crafts. Remember, the family that slays together…er…

  • Mario Party 9 — The first Mario Party game for the WiiU offers 80 mini-games suitable for everyone. Up to four people can play, and the new Nintendo system makes it easy for everyone to pass the control wands or tablet around when it’s their turn. Along with the games that are just the right level of challenging, family members can enjoy watching their characters riding together in the same cars. Even if Grandma isn’t as familiar with Mario as the rest of the family, she’ll pick it up pretty quick.

  • Knack — They’re calling Knack the world’s next lovable action-game character. Whether or not he turns out to be another Mario, Sonic or Crash Bandicoot, it looks like he’s the closest thing to an “everyone can try” game for Sony’s new Playstation 4. Though the new console is heavily promoting its war games for its recent launch, it also created other titles hoping to appeal to more players.

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