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Feige: Captain Marvel is the most powerful character in the MCU and will lead the Avengers

March 16th, 2019 by Marc Comments

With Captain Marvel currently keeping cinema seats busy until Endgame hits, everyone is wondering what will be next for the MCU once the threat of Thanos is dealt with.

And Kevin Feige, the boss at Marvel movies, has put to bed some of the details we’ve wondered about.

Now, we don’t think it’s a spoiler to say that after Endgame the face of the Avengers will be different – dead or just gone, we reckon there’s a good chance a couple of the current headliners will be gone.

So who will lead the main team – and face – of the MCU?

Well, Brie Larson as Captain Marvel, obviously.

“The great thing about Captain Marvel is she is a human. She’s a real person, Carol Danvers, who gets these incredible powers and who has these amazing adventures in outer space,” Feige says in Captain Marvel: The Official Movie Special.

“But as with all of the best Marvel characters, she needs to be very human. So this is not just about somebody who is incredibly powerful and can fly around and shoot photon blasts out of her hands; it’s somebody who’s very human, who’s very vulnerable, and who has multiple dimensions.”

He continues: “When we found out that Brie Larson might be interested in joining our world, we had a number of meetings. She was a huge fan of the character in the comics. One of the highlights of my career at Marvel was introducing her at Comic-Con and having her come out on stage and stand there with literally almost everybody else from our movies.

“There she was at the forefront, and it was a great foreshadowing – not just for how audiences are going to embrace Brie as this character, but also for how Captain Marvel is about to take the lead and be at the forefront of the entire Cinematic Universe.”

Given how divisive Captain Marvel has been with fans so far – you may not like it, but there’s no denying it – it will be interesting to see how the fans take the news… I’d bet free spins without deposit that it might not be well.

And not only that, but in a cinematic universe with gods, aliens, mutants and magic, it seems that Captain Marvel who was nowhere to be seen during the first two Avengers movies, will be stepping in as the most powerful character in the MCU… forget Thor, Thanos or Hulk: “In our comics mythology, Captain Marvel is a character who’s got one foot on Earth and one foot in the cosmic arena,” Feige says.

“Now that we’ve made a number of movies that take place on Earth, and a number of cosmic adventures with the Avengers, the Guardians of the Galaxy, and Thor, we thought it was the right time to finally introduce Captain Marvel to the world. She’s one of the most powerful – and one of the most popular – characters in our comics, and will be the most powerful character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.”

Well, it’s going to be interesting to see how the MCU begins to shape up in the coming years.

Marc is a self-confessed nerd. Ever since seeing Star Wars for the first time around 1979 he’s been an unapologetic fan of the Wars and still believes, with Clone Wars and now Underworld, we are yet to see the best Star Wars. He’s a dad of two who now doesn’t have the time (or money) to collect the amount of toys, comics, movies and books he once did, much to the relief of his long-suffering wife. In the real world he’s a graphic designer. He started Following the Nerd because he was tired of searching a million sites every day for all the best news that he loves and decided to create one place where you can go to get the whole lot. Secretly he longs to be sitting in the cockpit of his YT-1300 Corellian Transport ship with his co-pilot Chewie, roaming the universe, waiting for his next big adventure, but feels just at home watching cartoons with his kids….