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FTN remembers the great Richard Griffiths

March 29th, 2013 by Big Phil Comments

FTN Remembers Richard Griffiths

It is with a heavy heart that we at FTN bid a fond farewell to Richard Griffith, who sadly passed away today due to complications following his heart surgery. He was aged 65yrs.

With an instantly recognisable face and one whose personality was as broad as his frame, Richard Griffiths was a notable actor whose career spanned television, theatre and films and who had tremendous success in all these fields.

His early film credits included Gandhi, Superman 2, Gorky Park and Greystoke, all of which were both commercially and critically successful. It was in the 1987 film Withnail And I however that he gained world recognition as the character Monty, a role that was tailored made for him (see clip below).

His television success was also highly praised as he played the lead character in Pie in the Sky, a former police detective that had resigned from the force to become a top chef. So successful and popular was this show, that scenes were written to include preparation and cooking tips due to the production office being inundated with fan mail.

However, most of our younger readers will remember him in the box office busting Harry Potter franchise as he portrayed Uncle Vernon Dursley; the incredible cruel and snobbish Uncle of Harry Potter. Indeed it was in this role that some might say that Richard was at his sneeringly best!

For a glittering career in theatre, television and films, from high drama such as The History Boys to laugh out loud comedies such as Naked Gun 2 ½, we at FTN will greatly miss this wonderful actor.

Richard Griffiths MBE



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