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Gambit, Kitty Pride, X-Force and Multiple Man movies all still happening at 20th Century Fox despite Disney buy out…

January 9th, 2018 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

You’d need to have been sleeping for the last couple of months under your Avengers bedspread to not know that Disney has bought over the film-making part of 20th Century Fox, meaning they now have X-Men and Fantastic Four back (here).

But, while this is all great news for fans of the MCU who will eventually now see The X-Men and Richards family meeting the Avengers, Doctor Strange and all the gang. However, we have been ordering where this would leave projects like Deadpool, X-Force, Gambit etc that were already in production.

Well, it seems that until the ink dries on the deal and Disney can movie on their new reacquisitions, Fox are moving ahead as planned.

As here’s what we still have to look forward to in the X-Men universe we already know – this list doesn’t include New Mutants, Deadpool 2 or X-Men: Dark Phoenix as they are all already pretty much done deals… it includes movies and TV Shows that we knew were planned and even we don’t know about.

So here’s what’s coming:


Our friends over at Omega Underground are reporting that  the movie will go ahead with filming beginning on March 19th in New Orleans, Louisana at Big Easy Studios, where Fox shot Logan and Dawn of The Planet of The Apes.

Gambit is set to be released on February 14th, 2019.

Kitty Pride:

Ok, this one we didn’t know about until today.

It seems that Kitty Pride, first played by Ellen Paige in X2, is getting her own movie developed by Deadpool’s Tim Miller who may direct.

Pride, AKA Shadowcat, Ariel, Sprite and even, em, Star Lord, has the ability to phase through solid objects in the comics (and movies so far).

The Gifted (TV Series)

With X-Men: Legion Season 2 returning for a ten episode Season 2 in April, it sees that the Disney deal hasn’t damaged the return of other series, The Gifted.

The show’s second season was confirmed on its Twitter feed (below), however there’s no word on when we’ll see it:


This one is a little hazier. Word on the street is that The Cabin in the Woods and Cloverfield’s Drew Goddard is still writing and directing the X-Force movie.

The movie, set to star Cable (who we’ll see in Deadpool 2 played by Josh Brolin) leading a crack team of mutants who do the jobs The X-Men won’t. The team is oft-rumoured to also feature Ryan Reynold’s Deadpool too.

We’re hearing that this movie may actually be one of the first X-Movies to appear in the MCU but we really reckon if it goes ahead it’ll be at 20th Century Fox.

Multiple Man

Late last year it was announced that James Franco was set to star as The Multiple Man (here). Jamie Madrox is a mutant with the ability to reproduce himself numerous times (he briefly appeared in X-Men: The Last Stand) and now it seems that this movie is still the plan.

According to Discussing Film Franco’s reps have confirmed the movie is still going ahead.

So there you have it… change IS coming but for the foreseeable future (well, until next year anyway), it’s full steam ahead for Fox’s Marvel properties. Which, in our opinion, will make the merge more difficult as we’re still guessing the plan will be to recast everyone for their re-introduction in the MCU.

But we could be wrong.


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