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Gamora and Star-lord’s relationship is MCU canon but should they keep it?

August 9th, 2019 by Geralt of Australia Comments

With Gamora and Quill’s relationship finally being canonised, it brings us to the one final question, will they get back together now that we have a new Gamora in the MCU?

Well personally I hope that they don’t, now I have absolutely nothing against the power couple and I’ve loved their story up to this point, but honestly there’s just so much more they can do with them separate than together.

First off let’s look at Gamora; now her first love actually isn’t Peter, it just happens to be someone called Nova, and if that sounds familiar it would be because in the last two Guardians movies we have heard and seen the Nova Corps.

Now, in the comics when Xandar is destroyed by Thanos, Rhomann Dey – who some of you will remember from Guardians Vol 1 as the member of the Nova Corps Quill contacts – well, he sends a uniform and helmet to Richard Rider on Earth which gives him the powers of a Nova Centurion, he takes the name Nova and in doing so becomes a superhero.

So the MCU did actually have plans to introduce Nova during Infinity War and Endgame but instead chose to use Captain Marvel, so what if they’re leaving him open for this story line?

And now we move to Star-Lord, this is where a lot of future movies could come into affect if done properly. With the addition of the X-Men, that also brings in Quill’s main love Kitty Pryde. So we’ve seen her in X-Men Days of Future Past portrayed by Ellen Page as the girl who can walk through walls, but why is she so important to the future of the MCU?

Well in one of the comics Star-Lord and Kitty find another mutant called Ulysses who has the ability to predict the future and can see people commit crimes before they happen, now this creates tw factions of people, one who believe that they shouldn’t arrest people before they’ve committed the crime, and the other who believe they should.

This is Civil War 2, originally it’s done by Captain Marvel and Iron Man however, that part could be taken by either Black Panther or Spider-man. Failing that, the power could be used to unmask other supers *SPOILER* which would tie in with the first end credit scene at the end of Far From Home.

Either way, with the options for additional characters and bigger and better story lines it just makes sense to keep them apart… at least for now.

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