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INTERVIEW: FTN interviews Kris Van Damme

February 2nd, 2013 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

Kris Van Damme is the son of legendary action hero Jean Claude Van Damme. Kris is 25 and has starred alongside his Father in many films such as The Quest, Derailed and Dragon Eyes. He had his first acting role alongside his Father in the original Universal Soldier movie in 1992 where he played a young Luc Deveraux. Kris also has a passion for writing and directing and received his first credit as a writer on the 2010 Van Damme movie The Tower. Kris took time out to talk to us here at Following the Nerd.

FTN: Kris,your father is one of the biggest action stars of the 80’s….you have starred in many action movies with him such as Universal Soldier…Derailed…Dragon Eyes…Is this the genre of movie you prefer to work in yourself or is it as you might say ‘following the family business?

KVD: I prefer to use the term versatility just as my father has discovered along his path within the film industry. Everyone eventually discovers their inner talent and thrives from it using it’s power at the upmost comfort and beauty possible in order to achieve greatness within their line of work and most importantly themselves. In this case, that field being acting. You can always perform truthful and make any script a certain percent believable if you honestly believe in your character.

FTN: You have expressed an interest in Directing have you had much experience in this area?

KVD: Yes. I was an assistant director on my father’s film, “FULL LOVE” which is currently in it’s final editing period. I am currently directing a short film of my very own with a goal that gages into another form of entertainment using the form of live action filming containing a selected live action cast of characters I have both created and developed and am now directing along with myself included.

FTN: You have also mentioned in the past an interest in Fantasy worlds….if you could have directed any of the fantasy movies which has been released in the last 20 years which movie would it be and why?

KVD: I can’t recreate a world(s) and galaxy(s) that brought me to my thoughts and love for making them myself, for without them I wouldn’t have that extra push that causes me to create my own worlds and galaxies now. I will do my best to bring our world some of the most amazing worlds our races will ever experience through films, video games, and animation that we have ever experienced.

FTN: You have a couple of movies coming out this year….Enemies Closer and Welcome to the Jungle…could you tell us a little bit about what we can expect from these movies?

KVD: Enemies Closer: Solid director (Peter Hyams), so you can expect the proper suspense and thrill of style. My role is more sinister than most of my other roles I’ve portrayed in the past. I believe this is one of my best films so far.

Welcome To The Jungle: A fun comedic experience for all viewers. My role in this wasn’t as big as promised to me by the producer of the film since I brought them my father into the project, but I just had fun with it. That’s Hollywood at times and at a certain sector of power for you. The point is, it was a great experience and working with actors such as Adam Brody and Rob Hubel was very fun.

FTN: Here at Following the Nerd we love our Superheroes…what super hero would love to play and why?

KVD: There was a hero I believe was the original Flash Gordon named Impulse. I would really like to portray this character in a film.

FTN: Thank you very much for taking the time to talk to us,what are your plans for 2013?

KVD: Finishing my personal project and moving onto the next one along with films and TV shows on the side.

God Bless You All And Your Families Forever.


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