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INTERVIEW: FTN interviews Tehmina Sunny

February 9th, 2013 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

Singularity and Mistresses actress Tehmina Sunny is rarely off our screens both big and small. Ben Afflecks’ Argo is actually the second Oscar film she has played in, with her first being Children of Men. Now this beauty is about to star in The Toscars parody of Argo. It was our genuine pleasure to sit and chat with her…

FTN:  Hi Tehmina, thanks for taking the time to chat with us. Let’s get straight into it. You recently had a role in the now multi-award nominated Argo. What attracted you to this role and indeed the film as a whole?

TS: As soon as I read the script, I wanted to be involved in project. There was so much depth to the story, it really blew me away. The team and the names involved behind the project was an added bonus.

FTN: Argo has gained a lot of media coverage over the “Based on True Events” nature of the film. Do you believe that films based on true events should be made in a documentary style or do you believe that there is indeed a need for dramatic flair and artistic license to attract modern cinema audiences?

TS: I personally feel that it depends on the individual story. I agree that some stories work better as a documentary, getting the story and facts across without the need for the dramatics. But other stories also work with a touch of flare & pizazz, creating a wonderful piece that is magnetic. I don’t feel that it’s intentional to attract a modern audience, it maybe that the production team involved see the story being told in a way that lends artistic and creative imagination that heightens the piece to attract a broader audience.

FTN: Argo isn’t the only award-nominated film you have worked. One of your earliest film roles was in Children of Men, which is highly regarded as a realistic futuristic film, and is one of our all-time favorites here at FTN. What were your first impressions when you read that script?

TS: As soon as I heard Children of Men was in production and they were casting, I literally went on a mission to nearly every book store to locate a copy of the original book by P. D. James. The script at the time was under lock & key and not available to read. I finally found a copy in a second hand book shop. I was obsessed by the concept and storyline, It made my mind boggle & I couldn’t stop thinking about it. This was another project I wanted to be apart of. It was one of my first auditions ever, I was over the moon to audition for it & when I heard I was going to be working on it, I flipped out. I remember it all too well.

FTN:  This year you have the honor of being up for a TOSCAR, how does it feel to have your work recognised in such a way?

TS: Being a part of the Toscars is not only an honor, but so exciting. I’m thrilled to be involved, I’m not going to lie, but I am grateful that people are becoming aware of my work. My job is to tell a story and to affect a change in the response of the audience. I hope I am achieving this.

FTN: The early part of the new year is always dominated by awards ceremonies, from the glitz and glam of the Golden Globes, Oscars and BAFTAs to the very laid back and cringeworthy Raspberry’s. What makes the TOSCARS so unique?

TS: It is the most simple thing of all… It’s fun! There’s a lightness & humor to it which makes the event, and being apart of it, the best!

FTN: You have also worked on a number of television shows. Most notably Writers, in which you have been both an actor and producer. What was it like to be both in front and behind the camera so to speak?

TS: I am one of these people who is very organised, I like dealing with logistics, problem-solving and making things work. Don’t get me wrong, it does take multi-tasking to wear two hats, but preparation helps the process. I mean, Ben Affleck made it look easy when he acted, directed & produced Argo.

FTN: Aside from your appearances on Writers, you have also guest starred on Heroes and NCIS. How difficult is it to guest star and interact with the main cast on such well established and long-running television shows?

TS: My understanding is to know that I am fitting into a machine that is working perfectly. My job is to seamlessly fit into the already perfect machine without any problems. It is my job to be familiar with the project and understand how it works and to show up to set and make it easy. So far I have worked on great shows with a great cast who have made me feel welcome. I just filmed a guest role on CSI:NY, which was awesome.

FTN: As you have worked in both film and television, what would be your preferred media for acting roles?

TS: I love both. Saying that each project is always different in the way it works, so there isn’t a comparison for me. But TV does work faster which is the only difference that springs to mind.

FTN: Temina we wish you the best in the TOSCARS and look forward to watching your career in the future.

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