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Iron Man 3 writer Drew Pearce talks Avengers 2: Age of Ultron

September 6th, 2013 by Marc Comments

A few weeks ago our very own Saxon specualted on our FTN LIVE radio show what he thought Ultron would be in Avengers 2: Age of Ultron. And he also speculated on where he thought the movie would lie in relation to Iron Man 3 (see video below).

But now screenwriter Drew Pearce – co-writer on Iron Man 3 – has been doing the press circuit for the movie’s upcoming Blu-ray & DVD release and he’s been chatty about Joss Whedon’s plans for Ultron post-IM3.

According to scifi now, Pearce has said that SPOILERS the removal of the arc reactor at the end of Iron Man 3 from Tony’s chest will play a part in the events: “We take his arc reactor out, but I think we also make a pretty definite statement that he is Iron Man. And although Joss isn’t part of the process as such, he saw all the cuts of the movie, so I’ve got to assume he knows exactly what he wants to do with Tony in [The Avengers: Age of Ultron] and how we’ve left [Tony Stark] is going to help that, not hinder it.”

He went on: “Obviously, Age of Ultron suggests that in The Avengers 2 there will definitely be some level of, if not giant evil robots, then definitely a robotic or artificial intelligence entity… Not every aspect of Phase Two is planned already, but Joss has been thinking about it for a year and Kevin Feige has been thinking about what ‘The Avengers 2’ does since the first film.

“The scale I think they’re going to reach for is going to be truly epic, which is incredible when you consider how epic Marvel’s The Avengers was. But on a character level the story will actually be smaller, or at least more intimate. It’s hard to put a list together of all the things Joss is good at as a writer, but definitely in the top five would be dealing with the shifting dynamics of a large group of characters.

“The core of Avengers will still be our Avengers. There will, of course, be other characters in the mix, but I think what Joss is really good at is creating a family and then pulling them apart, and to that end he’s got so much more to do with the family he established in Avengers.

“So I suspect that the first port of call in that movie will be kicking the shit out of those characters to see how they cope as a group.”

Also, very interestingly, Pearce said that there’s a very real chance that Ultron will appear before Avengers 2: “There is a hell of a lot of rumors, though. Ultron may be something that appears in Guardians of the Galaxy, or it might appear in the Thor universe. I’ve read a lot of stuff online, and I don’t think anyone has got close to the real plan yet.”

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