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Is Harley Quinn possibly set for The Killing Joke animated movie?

July 23rd, 2015 by Christopher Williams Comments

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Last week at SDCC it was confirmed that not only is Bruce Timm storming the DC animated universe once again (Thank you, Lord!) with an adaptation of classic Batman story The Killing Joke, but that he also recently worked on recording some new material with voice actress Tara Strong.

Strong, also of Teen Titans cartoon fame, has played the voice of Harley Quinn for the last four years now. Though he played coy as to what the two had been cooking up in the recording studio.

While Harley was not featured in the original source story, it makes sense that Timm would use her for this version of The Killing Joke.

Not only has Harley’s fame shot through the roof thanks to the Arkham games, her own comic title and the new Suicide Squad movie forthcoming, but there’s another reason why it makes sense; Bruce Timm, godfather of the DC animated universe, is one of Harley Quinn’s co-creators along with Paul Dini, who’s writing was as equally important to the DCAU as Timm’s art. The pair dreamed her up during their run on what is easily the best animated work ever in existence, Batman: The Animated Series.

Ever since then, DC has taken the character to new heights. But being that she’s originally one of Timm’s creations, I think if anyone could use her fittingly in a story she was never in, it’s Bruce Timm. What can I say, I sort of revere the guy.

If Bruce Timm wants to service his fans however, three more calls need to be made. Paul Dini, Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill. If we can get this team back together then The Killing Joke could shape up to be one of the DCAU’s best.

Source: Comicbook

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