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Is John Cleese set for the DC Cinematic Universe?

December 5th, 2016 by Irwin Fletcher Comments


There are very few things that can’t be improved by the addition of a cast member from Monty Python. It is also no argument that the maddest of the bunch is John Cleese who has starred in a vast array of comedies, television programmes, games and films over the years.

Rumours and speculation of the actor have begun to muster as DC Cinematic Universe Photographer Clay Enos, along with the Batman vs Superman Dawn of Justice twitter page, began following Cleese on twitter. An he returned the favour… and more:


There has not been any official statement and this sort of thing could very easily be perfectly innocent. We don’t know the relationship between the two followers and Cleese. Furthermore, we also don’t know the reason as to why they are following, it could just be because they like the man’s work. This sort of thing always gets peoples eyebrows rising, so naturally the internet has gone wild with theories of who Cleese could play.

Let’s just say there is nearly everyone on that list.

If John Cleese is cast it will be an interesting move for DC, whose recent films have all received woeful reviews and reactions from critics and fans yet still managed to make a profit.

Yet there is actually a possibility that John Cleese may be bad for the DCU. One of the main problems with the recent DC films is how tame they seem to be. DC is famously dark, very dark, so you would expect there to be a brutality in the films. When it turned out that suicide squad was made ‘funnier’ and more ‘light hearted’ and that lots of the darker scenes were reshot or cut, it naturally caused controversy.

Therefore I don’t know if John Cleese is actually a good idea. He is hilarious, but what DC needs at the moment is the complete opposite. Nolan’s DC Batman universe was fantastic because of its serious and brutal nature.

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