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Is the Spider-man movie deal between Marvel and Sony still on the table?

December 12th, 2014 by Dave Bowling Comments

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Sony’s recent lapse of internet security seemingly revealed that Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures tried and failed to bring Spider-Man into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But don’t abandon all hope yet!

According to the Latino-Review, the hacking incident has prompted Sony to reconsider their position with Marvel and Spider-Man due to the amount of adverse scrutiny the hacking incident put on the company.

Latino-Review’s report firstly debunks the collapsed deal that The Wall Street Journal lifted from the hacked data, claiming that other meetings took place. The Wall Street Journal suggested that Sony and Marvel would have collaborated on a Spider-Man trilogy that Sony marketed, distributed, and “retained creative control” over; Latino-Review counters that no such discussions happened.

They claim that Marvel and Sony were trying to negotiate a 60-40 budget co-production with Marvel footing a majority share of costs. In exchange, Marvel would reclaim creative control over Spider-Man to allow the characters to appear in upcoming MCU projects.

Since the collapsed deal has been revealed to the world by North Korea, Latino-Review claims that extremely senior management at Sony think that a partnership is still possible. “Big” Sony is allegedly a bit hacked off at Sony Pictures’ leaked plans for the Spider-Man franchise. Apparently the PlayStation-building parent company is worried that more Spidey could embarrass the company and is thinking that cutting their losses and letting Marvel take their chances. Apparently Sony’s main concern is producing “quality” films on a par with the Bond franchise. Marvel has been doing a better job than Sony Pictures in producing quality cape-and-spandex flicks, maybe leading Sony to believe handing Peter Parker & Co back is worth the creative and financial sacrifice.

But who knows? All I’m sure about right now is that North Korean hackers apparently play Xbox and read DC Comics…


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