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Is this how Jared Leto Will Look as Joker in Suicide Squad?

December 27th, 2014 by Todd Black Comments


joker bloody card

No doubt the biggest bombshell from the casting of the Suicide Squad was the confirmation that Academy Award winning actor would play The Joker in the film, a character who has never been in the Squad in its history. Of course, that left us wondering how he would look in the film.

Over the years, many men (and voice actors) have portrayed Joker, each lending their own visual style to the role. Well, Jared Leto has now possibly teased what his look might reflect in the movie more or less. The picture below comes from his Instagram account, the comment that came with the picture was “Haircut #2015”, seeming to indicate this will be how he looks when filming for Suicide Squad begins in April.

The look, mainly the hair, shows that they may be going for a more classic look of the Joker, but only time will tell.


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